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22 Months

Little Man turned 22 months last Friday.

I have no stats, save this one:

After 22 months of interrupted sleep…22 months in a row…

I am done.

I have reached my breaking point.

I am exhausted.

I have no patience.

I need prayer.

And sleep.

That is all.

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4 thoughts on “22 Months

  1. Oh Rachel, you NEED sleep. You have got to recharge your batteries. Is there anyone at all who could get up with him at night for at least a couple of days so you can get some solid sleep? Your husband? Your mom? His mom? Someone from church?
    Something has got to give…I'll pray for you….


  2. Rachel~ If he is your only one, I highly recommend letting him cry at this point. We didn't with Vivi because we were afraid it would wake Isaac and she didn't sleep through the night until 3 years old. It was a beating on me in a major way. Now with Jasmine, we worked on more sleep training techniques (not cry it out) and she has been sleeping through the night since 5 months old. Hang in there and don't be afraid to get tough on him!!


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