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Mommy Rock You!!!

We knew it was coming. The Phase. The Phase where Little Man prefers one parent over the other.

I didn’t know it would be 24/7 Extreme Clinginess Edition.

The last two nights, Keith has started to put LM to bed and he screams, “mommy rock you…mommy rock you!” over and over again. (Little Man screams…not Keith)

Breaks. My. Heart.

But it’s just a phase.


Oh, and since Little Man and I will be sans Keith for about nine days in the very near future, I guess it’s good it’s me he prefers right now.



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2 thoughts on “Mommy Rock You!!!

  1. My problem is, it hasn't been a phase…unless you call 20 months a phase. My girl is OBSESSED with me. Thankfully, she is starting to prefer her daddy for playtime/outside/taking the trash out…for a few minutes of relief. I keep telling myself that it will be over soon and I'll miss it:)

    By the way, your blog got shared by three of my friends yesterday, so who knows how many readers you may get now. You're famous!:)


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