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And This Makes Twenty

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with child number twenty. I found out during my MOPS meeting today. Thankfully, no one there said anything asinine about it. Facebook, and online, however, is a different story.

I am saddened by this news, but I am sad because I am jealous. Do I want twenty children? Not necessarily. But I do want more. Three more. Preferably boys.

I believe that children are a gift from God; they are a reward for righteousness, according to Scripture. (Psalm 127) It has been a long road for me to reconcile that with my barrenness. I have asked countless times why I haven’t been rewarded, why I haven’t been blessed. But I believe I am the mother of the child God intends me to be the mother of.

From everything I have read about the Duggars, and everything I have seen on television, and everything I have heard firsthand from people that have actually interacted with them, they are a very devout, God-fearing family. I admire their family values and their stances on things such as premarital sex and dating. Do I agree with everything? Of course not, but I do admire it.

I also believe that if they are truly living within God’s will for their lives, baby twenty really isn’t an issue. They are self supporting. The world (contrary to popular belief) is not overpopulated. They are not abusing their children by instilling a biblical worldview in them. They are living in God’s hands.

And where else should people be living?

If I have a choice between rearing my son up as a Duggar or as a Kardashian… Guess which one is more beneficial to him, to his future, and to society as a whole?

So I wish nothing but the best to Michelle Duggar and Baby #20. May God bless all of them!

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4 thoughts on “And This Makes Twenty

  1. I totally agree! Definitely given the option between a Kardashian and a Duggar, I'd choose Duggar every time. I just hope she doesn't have the complications with this little peanut as she did with the last!


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