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I Suck at Blogging

It’s a time thing.

And I think my life is fairly boring…

I have been cooking and cleaning and taking care of my kiddo and my hubby.

I have not been blogging (obviously), watching much television or anything alone.

My son has a love affair with our vacuum. Wish he would actually sweep the floors!

Our dog grows more neurotic by the day.

I miss teaching.

It’s 40* and I am having my annual fall adjustment period where I cannot get warm.

I’m petrified we’re going to catch the stomach flu.

I get to go back to Key West in a month!!

I love Sesame Street 🙂

Randomness. That is all!

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3 thoughts on “I Suck at Blogging

  1. You ought to buy your son one of those dirt devil toy vacuums. It makes sounds and has lights. My son used to “vacuum” with me when he had one of these!


  2. Randomness is okay! It's good to hear from you =).
    And I'm terrified we are all going to get the stomach flu too!
    Have fun in Key West…ahh..sun, sand, and warmth! It was 40 here too today and I could NOT get warm to save my life…I dislike fall/winter!


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