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We Live in a Selfish World

I have been alternately amused and horrified by the child ban debate. A restaurant in Monroeville, PA, close to where I used to live, has banned children under six. There are movie theaters that are banning children from certain showings. The Whole Foods in Missouri has child free shopping hours.

The debates have raged online about this. Parents disagree strongly, or somewhat agree, while the child-free rejoice with angry tirades about crappy parents. You can read about all of this in multiple places… Just search for it.

Now, at the same time, I have noticed an increase in things like people not using their turn signals and people running red lights. And I do not mean just pushing through a yellow… I mean blatantly running a red light that has been red for a while. An increase in people saying rude things to each other in public, an increase in misbehaving children, babies in movie theaters after dark, children at the grocery store at 10pm.

What do all of these things have in common?

Pure unadulterated selfishness.

Our culture has soaked people with the attitude that I am the most important. I am more important than you, I am more important than my spouse, and I am more important than my child.

Scripture tells us to live like Christ. We are called to lay down our lives for others.

Would I like to go to a late movie and not pay for a babysitter? Of course, but what does that mean to my toddler? A missed bedtime, a scary screen full of scary images, crying that disrupts others. Is that fair to anyone? No.

Would I like to go to a fancy restaurant wit my hubby? Of course! But again… It is not just about me. I have to think about what is best not just for me, but for my child and for other people.

Other people. That is what is lacking in our society today. A sense of selflessness, a sense that the world does not revolve around you.

What would happen if people stopped being so concerned about themselves 24/7 and instead showed a little kindness and compassion to others? What if people put their children and their needs ahead of their own? What if strangers offered help or a friendly smile instead of harsh comments about someone’s apparently ineffective parenting?

What if people thought about others first?

I wonder what people would complain about then?

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5 thoughts on “We Live in a Selfish World

  1. 1. I have never heard of these no-child places. What in the world? I mean, I like to be baby-free certain times but I cannot believe a grocery store would say you cannot bring your kids in to spend your money at our establishment.

    2. I think you're right about the cause. My, how we love ourselves!

    3. On a less important note – I have never heard of BlogPress for the iPad. Do you love it?


  2. I couldn't agree more! What happened to our society?! It never used to be this bad. It's sad. Really really sad.
    As for Whole Foods in Missouri, I hadn't heard that. I frequent our WF here in Omaha (Nebraska) and let me tell you, if they banned kids at all EVER, regardless of the time of day I would stop shopping there. Period. And they get a very decent chunck of cash from us each month! If other mommas did the same they would change their tune very quickly. This is just ludicrous!
    Thanks for blogging about this!


  3. They're popping up here and there across the nation. You know, no children in first class in one airline, the stuff you mentioned, and so forth, and I think it's warranted. We as a nation has become both selfish and child-centric and really I don't think it's a good combination. Yeah, finding a sitter is a PITA and adds a cost to the event, but to enjoy something – movie, dinner, walk somewhere, shop, you name it – without disruption is healthy for oneself and for your marriage/partnership/you name it.

    The Kroger affiliate in my state had a child center at one point, where one could drop off their kid and shop, and there were monitors around the store so parents could check in. I'm not sure when it stopped but it didn't last long, probably staffing issues, since in my state child care is licensed differently then in other places… also the liability insurance on such a thing must be insane.

    Also, I agree about the overall increase in rudeness. It concerns me quite a lot.


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