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One Million Each Year

Sunday at church was hard. Instead of some “filler” sermon since lots of people go out of town over the July 4th weekend, our church talked about freedom.

Specifically, freedom from slavery. As in, modern slavery.

As in, one million children, ages 4-14, are enslaved and trafficked every year.

Read that again.

One million children, ages 4-14, are enslaved and trafficked. Every. Year.

One million last year.

One million this year.

One million next year.

Four year olds. Sold by their parents. Injected with drugs to keep them sedated. Purposely disfigured and then set out to “beg” every day. Starved. Beaten. Traded around for drugs and used for sex.

The statistics are overwhelming. Keith and I sat through the service, listened to first-hand accounts and watched a video, and cried. Tears just poured from both of our eyes.

What can we do? We are but two people, living on one income, trying to provide best for the child we already have.

But there was one slide… one statistic. If one family from 25% of American churches adopted from foster care, it would eradicate foster care as we know it.

One family, from only 25% of American churches.

We think we are that family.

(there was also a statistic about 8% of Christians adopting internationally and eradicating orphanages… but we are not that family. but maybe you are.)

And that is overwhelming. We know our house isn’t big enough for a foster-approval, even a foster-to-adopt. So we have to move – it’s not really just a luxury we are considering. There are hurdles and obstacles, and we wonder where the money will come from.

And there are the thoughts: will N be a good big brother? What if he is hurt? What if we all are hurt?

And then there is this thought: If God calls, He will surely provide and protect. If this is what is to happen, it will happen. I already have evidence of that in the little boy who is taking everything out of my wallet right now!

Oh, and if you are overwhelmed by the human trafficking thoughts, go here or here to help or get more information.

2 thoughts on “One Million Each Year

  1. I've thought about it too, fostering and adoption. Even still. God keeps putting it on my heart. Right now, though I think we and He need to work out a few things before we take more on too.


  2. Another twin thing- you recall we are in this type of adoption program now? Praying for you in this and supporting you! I valued reading your Qs and wonderings, concerns and worries b/c I have them too– and I very much valued reading your sharing about God protecting and leading….b/c that is what I keep doing w/ mine, too 🙂 Thx for the reminders and encouragement.


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