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I sent an email to my best friend, who is a fellow adoptive mama.

You see, my little family of three is going on our first real vacation as a family next week.

In an airplane.

I realized yesterday that if something happens to us, Little Man’s birthmother needs to be notified.

So I asked my friend to be repsonsible for that.

If something happens to us, she will call our lawyer to call LM’s birthmother.

I don’t really think anything will happen, but I realized she deserved to know if it does.

This is how my adoptive mama brain works.

It’s weird.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Totally normal I think.

    I just watched some old friends lose their son to cancer and he was adopted. They made sure his birthmom and siblings got to see him before he died. I know another lady that is a birthmom and she searched years later only to find out her birthdaughter died when she was young. So, yeah, I think it's a good thing to make sure she knows. But nothing's going to happen.


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