Little Man

Cute Things The Boy Does…

He scrunches himself up at the end of the crib closest to the doorway of his bedroom. Then he can look out and see if he’s missing anything.

He sings himself to sleep in the car. Seriously, I hear, “Yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi…” until I hear silence, signifying he is asleep.

He pats me and says, “mom.”

He hugs me, Keith and the dogs. Hugs us. All of us.

He feeds the dogs from his high chair, even though I repeatedly say, “No.” And he grins and giggles while doing it.

He giggles hysterically when we read ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.’

He “blows” his nose by putting cloth (napkins, kleenex, paper towels, wipes, whatever) against his mouth and puffing out air.

He tries to use his animal kazoo by humming into it instead of blowing into it.

He says, “do(g)” over and over while hugging the dogs.

He says, “Uh-oh” about a thousand times a day, usually when it’s warranted.

He throws the ball and laughs and laughs.

He says “hot” at meal times and whenever he touches something in the kitchen.

He repeats “yuck” and laughs when I say something is yuck.

He “texts” daddy with his play phone.

He giggles when the wind blows in his face or it rains on his face.

Today he ran up and hugged Diego (a statue) at the Dora & Diego exhibit at the museum.

He waves and blows kisses.

He’s the most adorable little guy ever, and I can’t believe how blessed I am to be his mama!

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