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And We’re Back…

Did you notice we’ve been missing for over a week? I have – I have certainly missed blogging. But here is a typical day in our household lately:

5:00 am – Keith’s alarm goes off & he gets up to get ready
5:15 am – Little Man wakes up, because the bathroom door opens into his nursery
5:15 am – I wake up to crying and curse the fact we haven’t moved yet
5:16 am – diaper change and sippy cup of milk
5:23 am – attempt to rock & sing LM back to sleep
5:30 am – Keith exits bathroom, ignores LM and the crying commences
5:31 am – more rocking & singing
5:45 am – back to bed for me (although going back to sleep rarely happens)
6:00 am – Keith leaves for work
6:45 am – 8:15 am – somewhere in here, LM wakes up for good

then until 12:30 pm – we have breakfast, read a lot, play a lot, run errands or have play dates, usually have a snack

12:30 pm – lunch for LM
1:00 pm – nap time!! for LM. I sometimes nap, but I usually eat my lunch, read, shower, try to do chores
2:30 pm to 3:00 pm – nap time over – snack

then until 5:30 pm – play, read, lots of fit-throwing (LM, not me), lots of crying (me, not LM), play outside if warm (three times so far since January 1, but who’s counting?), dinner making (with LM hanging off my leg)

5:30 pm – feed LM
6:00 pm – commence pre-bedtime activities: playing, reading, bath time, pajamas
7:00 pm – Wheel of Fortune. It’s the only television show* LM seems remotely interested in
7:15ish commercial break – head to nursery; sippy cup of milk, reading, praying, singing, rocking
7:30 pm – LM goes to bed
7:35 pm – start laundry, fill sink with hottest water possible & soak some dishes
7:40 pm – clean up living room (aka toy room)
8:00 pm – start dinner for me & Keith; wash dishes
anywhere between 8:00 pm & 10:00 pm – Keith gets home. Sometimes we eat together; sometimes I’ve already eaten
anywhere between 9:30 pm & 11:00 pm – hang out with Keith and go to bed

While he is awake, it is pretty impossible for me to do much besides supervise or play with LM. He is into eve.ry.thing. I love days when we go somewhere really active in the mornings (twice this week we went to the children’s museum) because he sleeps for like 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon and then sleeps all night. But if we can’t go anywhere, I am one unhappy mommy by about 5:00, when husbands with normal jobs come home.

This schedule is not very marriage friendly. I miss my husband. I cannot express how grateful I am that he has a good paying job and I respect his incredible work ethic. But an hour a night isn’t cutting it. And he desperately misses his little boy. He can go two or three days without seeing him. Very sad.

So this is why my blogging has been lacking lately. I’m busy with my kiddo and I’m tired with a mushy brain when I’m not. But I’ll keep trying!!

* I realize it’s my own choice that the TV isn’t on a lot during the day, so LM isn’t accustomed to watching it. When I had the flu, I tried so hard to get LM to watch Sesame Street. No such luck. We do have about 20 episodes of Word World on the DVR, and periodically he’ll watch about 2 minutes of that. Sigh. But out of desperation one night, I turned on Wheel of Fortune so I could hear another adult. He loves it. He dances to the music, he claps when the audience does, he watches the letters… I figure there are worse things out there he could be exposed to than Pat Sajak’s really bad jokes. So please don’t judge me!

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