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Things on My Mind Lately

* When Little Man expresses his developing temper, I wonder if this is: A) his personality developing, B) an adoption thing or C) normal toddler behavior. He pulls at his clothes, he smacks away our hands, he throws himself on the ground and cries…

* I often wonder how much he “gets” about being adopted. I mean, he obviously can’t express himself verbally yet. But I wonder if he somehow knows and has questions, and because he can’t communicate effectively, he does some of the above-mentioned things.

* I want him to have a strong personality, but I also want him to develop self-control and discipline. What a huge responsibility we have as parents to not totally screw up our kids! I feel like I spend 3/4 of my day saying, “No, sir” and smacking his little hand for doing things he knows he isn’t supposed to be doing. It’s a fine line to walk… am I developing him well, or am I teaching him to shut down?

* We had our first fat lip last Friday! He fell off the bottom step onto tile at my parents’ house. He bit his lip, almost through. He bled a lot, but only cried for about three minutes. Then he was fine! He has a wicked scab on it, but it hasn’t slowed him down at all.

* The separation anxiety is back in a huge way. It didn’t help that Keith and I went away for an overnight, there was very severe winter weather trapping us in the house and then I was very ill, so we missed church two weeks in a row. We put him in the nursery on Sunday and he lasted about 30 minutes. We took him to his cousins’ last Friday, whom he normally loves, and apparently he cried the whole three hours, walking around looking for “mama?”.

* I think we’re transitioning from two naps to one. He gave up a long morning nap last week; he would alternately nap twice for about 45 minutes each time or take one 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I’ve about figured out that he’ll take a 2 1/2 – 3 hour nap at 1:00pm if he doesn’t take a morning nap. I’m sad to lose the morning nap, but we have been super-productive in the mornings lately. We run our errands in the morning, maybe have lunch with a friend, and come home for a long nap. When we are home in the mornings, though, I think I’m going to institute “crib” time, where he can play quietly in his crib. With my hubby’s long work hours, I usually need a little break in the morning, usually so I can shower!!

* Up until this week, he was a master at independent play. (see separation anxiety above). Now, while he’s happily playing away, if I leave the room he totally melts down. It makes for some long days and difficulty in getting my necessary chores done around the house. It also makes going to the bathroom in peace almost impossible!

* My good eater is disappearing. He’s getting pickier by the moment, which terrifies me. I’m convinced some days he’s going to starve. Our pediatrician is a big fan of, “This is what’s for dinner. If you don’t like it, there will be another meal at (fill in the time).” So I’m not making separate meals for him, but he does eat a lot of multi grain crackers and mandarin oranges. As long as the oranges are from a can. Sigh. He’ll eat all manners of vegetables in soups and casseroles, but if I just put veggies on his tray, he won’t eat them. He’s stopped eating cheese, unless it’s melted into something. He won’t eat goldfish or graham crackers or grapes… potentially anything that starts with “g”!! I’m sure he’ll outgrow this, but feeding him stresses me out sometimes!

* His giggles are the most magical sound in the world. I think my favorite times ever are when I’m in another room and I hear him and my husband giggling with each other. Blowing on his belly produces the most wonderful laugh I’ve ever heard in my life.

* Along those lines, Little Man suddenly vocalizes everything. We’re working on words – he tries to repeat everything we say. He only says maybe three really clear, one syllable words, but I’m not worried. He “talks” all day long. And he’s learning to make all sorts of fun noises. Of course, spitting is one of those, which I don’t really like, but it is funny. I just have to learn to not laugh when he’s doing something he shouldn’t!

* So those are things on my mind lately. I’m loving my Little Man more and more everyday… I’m hoping he’s loving us more &  more everyday, too!!

3 thoughts on “Things on My Mind Lately

  1. Camden only says 3 words as well, but does a lot of babbling. I think it's common for boys to be a little slower on the verbal development, especially if they're extremely physically active.

    And oh my goodness, the eating (or lack thereof!) can be SO stressful! Some days, Camden will eat whatever I put in front of him and other days, he'll take a bite before throwing everything else to our dog. So frustrating! But, like everything else, it's a passing phase. I hope, at least. 😉


  2. Oh my WORD… we're right there ith you on the separation anziety! And just the same, she was really sick for about a week, which did NOT help things. It's not so bad at church or her grandparents, but at home, I cannot leave the room or she has a total meltdown. What IS that?!?!? In the kitchen when I'm working, she hangs onto my leg and wails. It breaks my heart whikle at the same time exhausting me, and I wonder the same as you…is this an adoption thing? Or an age thing? So frustrating!


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