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I Can’t Even Imagine

A seventh grade girl from where I taught passed away yesterday.


No warning.

She was here.

Then she was gone.

And while we rejoice with the confidence that she is in Heaven with Jesus right now…

I can’t even imagine what her mommy must feel.

I went into school today.

The school where I am no longer on staff.

The school that I only miss the kiddos and not the actual school.

I hugged lots of kids today. And teachers and parents, too.

But I wanted to be hugging my kiddo.

Because you never know how short life is.

And I can’t even imagine life without my kiddo.

And I don’t want to.

Hug your kiddo, today. Hug your spouse. Tell people you love that you love them.

Tomorrow might be too late.

I can’t even imagine…

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Imagine

  1. It's amazing how much motherhood opens your heart to love Everyone's children. And when someone's child is hurting or Called Home, our hearts hurt for the family, and we can't breathe with the anticipated agony, and So sorry for the loss. Praying for this girl's family.


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