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Best Christmas Gift Ever

I’m sure most of you think I’m going to write about Jesus or Little Man.

I’m not 🙂

The best Christmas present I ever received (and I mean material gift, wise), was in fourth grade.

Cabbage Patch Kids had just hit the scene. I remember news reports of grown women beating each other up over the dolls. Stores couldn’t keep them in stock. It was insane. Plus, they were expensive.

Of course, all I wanted for Christmas that year was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

My mom, ever the realist, sat me down and explained that I would not be getting the doll for Christmas. Not only were they scarce, they were too expensive. Even in fourth grade, I understood, and while I was fleetingly sad, I was not devastated.

On Christmas Eve, it was our tradition to stay at our grandparents’ house. My brother and I were supposed to be asleep in the usptairs bedroom, but were instead curled up in our sleeping bags giggling like maniacs. Well, my brother said he knew what I was getting for Christmas – a Cabbage Patch Kid.

I thought he was just being mean and teasing me.

Lo and behold, on Christmas morning, I open up my last gift and it is indeed a Cabbage Patch Kid.

But that’s not why it’s my favorite gift. I mean, like if the house caught on fire, I would still grab that doll (after my child, of couse) before I ran out of the house.

Here’s why it’s my favorite gift.

After breakfast, while everyone else was in the family room playing with new toys and games and such, my mom took me back into the front room and sat me down by the Christmas tree. She told me this story:

A woman at church had won the doll in an auction. She has only sons, so she took the doll to the church. She gave it to the elders and asked them to pick a girl in the congregation that couldn’t only not afford a doll, but would want one, and more importantly, be grateful for one.

And they called my mom, because they had chosen me.

To me, it’s the epitome of what Christmas is all about.

And it’s the best Christmas gift I ever received.

7 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift Ever

  1. Wow! What a story! That's amazing. I had a Cabbage Patch Doll named Honey Sue, and she had red hair and a tennis outfit. My grandparents searched all over for dolls with my sister's and my names. They found a preemie named Zara, but they couldn't find a Rachel. lol

    Your Cabbage Patch story is much better. 🙂


  2. hey the comment i left on your last post, i was forgetting the parts of your post that listed your ailments right now— awful!! so hoping you are migraine free and feeling well to celebrate 🙂


  3. When I was 5 that was the ONLY thing I wanted and my mom did the same thing….then on Christmas morning I had 2 a boy and a girl under the tree… my Aunt had stood in line for 2days and gotten me one as well as my 2 cousins one each and then a week before Christmas my mom had found the girl doll with red hair and blue eyes just like me at a local store but WAY OVER PRICED, she still bough it and I still have them today :)J


  4. I'm actually tearing up while reading this. I remember wanting one too, but never getting the one from the store, they cost too much. So my grandma made me one. It was beautiful, but just not the same. Looking back now, missing my grandma so much it hurts I wish I would have taken better care of that doll. Thank you for reminding me what this day is about.


  5. Awwww..making me cry. That IS really what the season is about. No wonder you are such a wonderful person. You were taught valuable lessons (that stuck) at a young age.

    Merry Christmas!


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