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Random Ramblings

It’s cold here. Like 7 below. We aren’t leaving the house. Because of the cold & snow & blowing & such, we had to cancel our family Christmas dinner on Sunday. I was bummed because I was super excited to see Little Man open his first Christmas presents! And I knew he’d have new toys, which we desperately need around here.

Orange jello is yummy, apparently. But boy does it change the color of his diapers!

He started walking two weeks ago. Keith thought LM would walk by Thanksgiving, but it was the Monday after. He just let go of whatever was closest to him and took off across the room. Yesterday he started to just stand up, too. Before yesterday, he’d crawl over to something furniture-like and pull himself up. Now, he just stands. Typically he falls down two or three times, but he leeps at it and stands up!

He’s cutting another tooth. This makes him drooly, cranky and have a random appetite. He didn’t want all of his yogurt for breakfast, which is a first. And last night – no mashed potatos. I think it’s a texture thing with the potato, though.

He loves to take things out and put them back in. He prefers his diaper bag for this game, but if he can reach it, he thinks it’s fair game (aka laundry baskets and mommy’s purse).

Yesterday’s new game was sink or float: what happens when I put stuff in the doggie dish while mama isn’t looking? Great fun. Really. I love it. FYI: television remotes sink.

At the doctor’s last week (for a cold) he weighed almost 23 pounds.

If you take away anything from him, he cries. Not for long, and not inconsolably, but it alternately amuses me and worries me.

I’m realizing Little Man doesn’t take well to change. I served on Sunday morning in our larger worship venue, when we’ve been attending our smaller venue for over 16 months. Well, Keith brought him in to the tech booth where I was, and between the seven guys in the booth with me, the large band and the choir, he certainly wasn’t sure about it all. His eyes were HUGE and he gripped onto me for dear life. He also still cries in the nursery almost the whole time he’s in there. I can’t figure out if it’s basic separation anxiety (because we’re together all the time) or if it’s an age thing, or if it’s abandonment issues, or what. I don’t want him to be scared to be in the nursery at church…But how do you explain that mommy & daddy come back?

I have my days where being a SAHM is incredibly frustrating and wears my patience thin and I think I can’t do it anymore. Then we have great days where I can’t imagine being anywhere else for any reason whatsoever.

We got our Christmas cards yesterday. I can’t wait to get them mailed out!

Little Man is starting to “hug” us. It’s simply amazing! Oh, and he says, “Hi!” all the time. Love it!!

And how’s that for random ramblings?

3 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. The fussage is probably a bit of all of the above. But when Separation Anxiety is a problem, just keep saying “Mommy and Daddy ALWAYS come back” And when you see him, “See? Mommy ALWAYS comes back.” Had a friend with this problem, and that's what she had to do, and her boy was 2 and sniffling: Mommy, always, tums, bat. It finally sunk in, now she's left at the door of the preschool as he takes off.


  2. Well, the tech booth is WAY high. Maybe he knew he was off the ground somehow!

    Maybe you should go to the Hearts at Home conference with me in March. Supposed to be a refreshing weekend for SAHMs and helps with things that frustrate us. 🙂


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