Little Man

Nine Months Old!

Little Man turned nine months old yesterday.

Where has the time gone?

He is 29″ tall. He weighs in at a whopping 19 lbs 12 1/2 ounces. His head is 18″ around. All good percentages, although he’s no longer topping the height charts.

We need a new car seat. The one we have is good for 29″ and below. Yikes! Hope his growth holds for a bit!

He has his two bottom teeth. The top two are right there. In fact, the one on the left I can see the very tip of. The tooth to the left of his bottom teeth is also working its way out. He’s a drool machine. Everything is covered with drool.

Crawling – he’s spectacular at crawling. He pulls himself up into standing with everything. He can climb, although we don’t have a lot for him to climb on. Mostly he practices when Keith is sitting on the floor – then he climbs onto Keith and then onto whatever Keith is sitting next to. We figure he’ll be walking by Thanksgiving, but the doctor said don’t be surprised if it’s later than that.

He still does not consistently sleep through the night, as my faithful readers know. He does a few times a week though. But it’s odd…he sleeps from like 7:30 or 8:00 until 4:30 or 5:00. Then he takes a bottle and goes back down for another hour and half or so. I’m not sure how to drop that early morning feeding. It works for us, because then when he wakes up, we have breakfast. But when we start weaning him to milk in a few months, that won’t work.

He naps at least twice a day, most days. Very rarely does he not nap. Sometimes he takes a third nap in the late afternoon – yesterday he fell asleep as we walked around the neighborhood & the park. That was around 5pm. Oops!

Little Man mostly only uses his pacifier in his crib. I do take one with us when we’re out and about, but I only give it to him if he needs to sleep. He doesn’t generally have access to one while we’re home and he’s awake. He does have two pacifiers in his crib, and they’re attached to stuffed animals, so they’re kind of loveys and pacis at the same time. He cuddles ones and sucks on the other!!

He is eating everything. On Sunday I made homemade macaroni & cheese. He went to town on it. His doc said we should pretty  much be giving him table food now and not pureeing anything – just mashing it with a fork. Well, we’re finishing the fruits I have in the freezer and then going from there. Last week he even ate chicken!!!

However, his eating is hit and miss. Some days he eats a lot, other days not much. His doc said he should be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, if I feed him lunch, he doesn’t eat dinner. So…we’re still slowly phasing in lunch. He does polish off an entire yogurt every morning, however. And he always eats at least one bowl of fruit every day.

All in all, he is thriving and well!!!

2 thoughts on “Nine Months Old!

  1. Your little guy's sleeping habits sound very much like my little guy who is almost 11 months old. A couple months ago, he decided to get up once a night for a bottle. Like anywhere from 12 – 5am!


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