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Party on a Budget

So my MIL is hitting a milestone birthday next week.

Growing up, my family went all-out for birthdays. Now, we didn’t have crazy over-the-top parties, but your birthday was YOUR DAY. It was all about you – presents, favorite foods, sometimes a little sleepover with friends or pizza and a movie. My mom always made sure we celebrated our birthdays well. She even gave us a gift on our sibling’s birthday, to alleviate any jealousy.

My husband’s family? Not so much. In fact, our first huge fight was because he didn’t get me anything (not even a card) for my birthday. He was spending the day with me, and we had two – count ’em – TWO weddings to attend that day. One in Indy, one in Cincinnati. He thought all that driving counted. I did not. Big fight ensued and now we know 🙂

Anyway…back to his family. His last birthday? His mother called like a week late to wish him happy birthday…oh, I forgot. How do you forget that you gave birth? And my milestone birthday in August? Still waiting to hear from that side of the family…

But Little Man’s birthdays will be BIG TIME. Now, again, not over the top, but definitely a cause for celebration. So I’m trying to ease his family into the party mood.

Back to the topic, however…we’re throwing MIL a party tomorrow. Nothing fancy – just family. Her three sons, 3 of her 4 grandchildren, 1 of her 2 daughters-in-law, her brother and his wife, and her nephew and his expecting wife (yay!). But we live on a fairly tight budget. So here’s how we’re doing a party:

Chili for dinner (cheaper to make than other foods) – and I’ve been buying ingredients for the past three weeks, so it didn’t all hit today’s grocery bill.

Pineapple upside down cake – made from scratch. Making cakes from scratch is so much cheaper than buying them pre-made, or even from a box. Plus they taste better. I had all of the ingredients for the cake purchased by last week.

Cheese & sour cream for the chili – bought today.

Cheese, crackers & veggies – hit up the brother-in-law for that!

Real dishes. I did buy plastic cups, but only because we don’t have 10 matching glasses (or 8. or 4. I’m clumsy!). But I got 50 of them for $3, so I figure we’re set for a while (dang it! forgot birthday candles! just remembered!).

Drinks – I’ll make sweet & unsweet tea, plus there’s water and milk. I may run out and get a few 2 liters, too, but I haven’t decided yet.

So that’s it – nothing too fancy, but we will focus on my MIL and celebrate her and her milestone birthday. It took some planning (and multiple naggings to get my hubby to actually invite his family…).

Oh, and I’m feeding my out-of-town brother in law dinner tonight as well. I’m just making an extra homemade pizza (again, making it from scratch instead of ordering out or using frozen – WAY cheaper! and they taste better!).

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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