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Scheduling My Life

I take my roles as wife and mother very seriously. I feel like this is where God has called me to live right now: as a stay at home wife and mother. So I feel this immense pressure to “do it right.”

Now I realize that “right” is what is right for my family – not necessarily yours or hers or anyone else’s. But what is right for me is that I welcome my husband home every evening in a fairly decent mood with a fairly clean house with a fairly healthy meal in the works.

It doesn’t always work that way, of course. But I feel like if he is going to get up at the ungodly hour of 5 am and go do hard manual work for 14 or 16 hours, the least I can do is make him feel welcome in his own home. Besides, he’s working those crazy hours precisely so I can be a full time wife and mother.

But this has caused me no small amount of stress in the past 8 1/2 months. After much prayer and some research, I devised a solution – a schedule, if you will.

It’s loose…there aren’t really times attached to anything (except meetings; leaders usually assign times for meetings, but whatever). And I thought it might help others to see someone else’s goals (namely, mine). So I’ve combined a bunch of stuff I’ve learned with stuff revealed to me during prayer, and have come up with this:

Each day is roughly divided: morning, afternoon, evening

There are three meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Breakfast is pretty easy, since I’m not usually awake for K’s breakfast
Lunch is packed for K and easy stuff at home for me
Dinner has a theme each night

So here’s my goal schedule (and here is where I wish I could import a spreadsheet!).

The Meals:
Sunday: muffins
Monday – Friday: granola bars, cereal, english muffins, etc
Saturday: eggs, pancakes, etc.

Sunday: leftovers
Monday – Friday: sandwiches, salads, leftovers, etc
Saturday: depends on our schedule

Sunday: small group (no dinner)
Monday: Mexican
Tuesday: Crock Pot
Wednesday: Breakfast
Thursday: Pasta
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Soup or Casserole

**Each dinner “theme” has four or five meals attached to it – we don’t eat the same thing every week**

Now, the other big thing is housekeeping. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t have terribly high housekeeping standards. Plus, with 2 big dogs, a cat and an infant-almost-toddler, clutter and some degree of “mess” is pretty regular. But I want my house to be fairly clean, even if there are toys all over the floor and such. But I’m overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning my whole house every day, or every other day, or even once a week. So….

The Housekeeping:
Sunday: Church
Monday: Vaccum, dust and nap
Tuesday: MOPS
Wednesday: Vaccum, dust and nap
Thursday: Library, grocery shopping & the bank run
Friday: Vaccum, dust and nap
Saturday: Laundry

Sunday: Nap, watch football, etc.
Monday: Clean (“deep” clean) the living/front/family room
Tuesday: Laundry, accountability meeting
Wednesday: Clean the bedrooms
Thursday: Laundry & clean the bathroom
Friday: Clean the dining room/study
Saturday: big projects (the garage, the yard, windows, fix stuff, etc.)

Every evening I clean the kitchen & put away the toys (pick up Little Man’s clutter)
Tuesdays are trash night, so we also change the cat box & gather trash
Tuesdays are also laundry night, as I have a meeting every Tuesday afternoon

Sundays are very precious to me; I very much view them as a Sabbath. I try to avoid spending money on Sundays, and I try to avoid doing major housekeeping, because I feel like it’s a time to rest. I know some families do big family meals on Sundays, and I’m good with that if I can chuck stuff in the crock-pot before church. But I’m just as happy having leftovers from Saturday and sort of doing “you’re on your own” for food on Sundays. Keith seems to be good with it, too!

Now…will this work? I don’t know. But already this week I feel like I can breathe and the house is cleaner than normal. So we’ll see. And granted, I had do the grocery shopping on Monday, and I have two meetings this afternoon and had a meeting last night, so things have been switched around. But still…I feel more peaceful and Keith has even commented on how nice the house looks.

Do you have a schedule? A routine for cooking and cleaning that helps maintain your sanity?

5 thoughts on “Scheduling My Life

  1. We are a lot alike!!!! I devised a schedule too. I love your first sentence of this post…”I take my role as wife and mother very seriously.” I do too and I too want to do things right for my family. I mainly have a housekeeping schedule:
    Mon- clean kitchen
    Tues- dust
    Wed- clean bathrooms/sweep floors
    Thurs- mail, clean office
    Fri- laundry & a chore I don't do on a weekly basis (like polish furniture or clean windows)

    I try to keep the weekends for family fun but we do have to do the lawn & work on house projects some.

    I am not a cook 😦 I am trying to do some cooking but it is nothing spectacular. Dave is the chef! He enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. When he is cooking I try to be in the kitchen with him so we can spend that time together!

    Having a schedule for me makes all the difference in the world. I agree that cleaning the house in one day is NOT FUN, nor is it really possible when you have a baby to take care of 🙂 But cleaning a little each day gets the job done and your house does stay cleaner.

    Hope your schedule works for you and your sweet family!


  2. We do not have a schedule, although my husband wishes we did. But he is horrible at keeping schedules, so even if we did make them, he wouldn't be able to keep to it. LOL.

    I try to make a menu based on what we have available in the pantry and what's on sale that week. It helps us save money. We have some quick meals (like eggs or grilled cheese or quesadillas) and some more complicated ones for when I have a little more time. But I admire that you want to get more on a schedule. We have two big dogs too, and the dog hair is out of control!


  3. This is a great post!! I needed this today as I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed with trying to get my jewelry business up and running and keeping this house up and running and needless to say the house has been sent to the back burner….you guys have some good suggestions and tomorrow I will sit down and make out my schedule so I too can have some order…I hate having a messy house (I don't mind my little mans toys though!!! 🙂


  4. I really needed this post today! I've been feeling overwhelmed in my new role as wife/sahm. I've been working on creating a schedule, mainly for cooking, but hadn't yet fleshed out a housekeeping one. You've given me a push in the right direction 🙂


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