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Today has been a bad single-income financial day for us. Two checks totalling $500 written within mere hours of each other. A furnace that needs completely replaced. Formula running out.

And yet…

Lacey at So Every Day (a FAB blog) challenged her readers to participate in giving to charity:water. She is participating in 30 Bloggers, 30 Days.

I love Lacey. Her blog is…inspiring to me. Her husband’s blog is also inspiring. Both have their fair share of humor, too.

Lacey has challenged people to realize what a blessing water is. We here in America just go to any one of numerous taps in our house and voila, we have water.

Since reading her post, I have been aware of the water I use and consume throughout the day.

Because of our current financial situation, I cannot donate.

But maybe YOU can.

Or you can link to this post so others can….

Either way….be mindful of the blessing of free, clean water….


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