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I Love Having a Boy!!

I’ve always thought, even from when I was very little, that I would be a better mommy to a boy than a girl.

I think I’m right.

This is evidenced by the fact I can’t do hair. We were at my cousin’s yesterday and her little girl’s teeny-tiny ponytail (she’s not quite two) kept coming undone. Yep – I can’t figure out the little girl pony tail. It never fails to amuse me when my best friend’s four year old wants me to do her hair. What?

But I love having a boy. Yes, I have to “do” his hair (and by “do,” I mean wash & then rub with Carol’s Daughter Light Hair Milk to define the curls) but generally he is SO easy. Of course, I’m saying this on the other side of sleep deprivation. He is finally – and mostly regularly – sleeping through the night, so I am much less emotional and negativity-prone!!


I love that he cuddles up against me before nap time.

I love that he grins bigger than life every time I start to sing.

I love that he reaches for me when he sees me.

I love that he flirts with me.

I love that he kisses me with his big open mouth kisses.

I love that he giggles uncontrollably when we play together.

I love that I get to stay home with him and be there for the little things (including his meltdowns).

I love that he loves me and I can tell it.

I love watching him discover. Today he discovered how to crawl through things. Well, crawl isn’t the right word. He’s scootching…and he discovered how to scootch through things.

I love watching him sleep – he’s so peaceful.

I love rocking with him snuggled up under my chin. I can’t believe the weight of him in my arms sometimes.

About one year ago we were in the thick of the process – finishing our home study, wrapping up our profile design, wondering what we needed to do next. And this morning I cuddled with Little Man a little longer than necessary before naptime (sleep training – can’t break the cycle!) because I am so amazed by him. And overwhelmed with the love I feel for him.

I’m sure I would love a daughter just the same…but I adore my son. I simply adore him and everything about him that is all boy!!

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