So Little Man is finally sleeping through the night.

Last Tuesday our pediatrician recommended we just let him cry. She warned me he could cry for two hours, but not to give in. He knows that if he cries, one of us will come in and get him up, so we have to stop doing that. She warned it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth it. She also said he’d cry the first night and the second night cry for less than half of the time he did the first night.

So far, putting LM down for bed hasn’t been a problem. Last Tuesday night, we put him down, he goes to sleep, no big deal.

2:31am he starts to cry. Hubby goes to sleep on the couch (he can’t stand to “do nothing” while the baby cries). I go in and pat LM’s back a few times and return to bed. I prop myself up so I can read while I listen. About 20 minutes later the cries change, so I go change his diaper. But I don’t talk to him or really even make eye contact. I change his diaper and lay him down again.

He cried for a total of 41 minutes. Then there was about 5 more minutes of sniffles and whines.

And then he slept until 8 am.


Wednesday night when I put him to bed (Hubby was at church) he cried for about 10 minutes. Then he slept through the night.

Thursday he slept through the night in his pak-n-play in a hotel.

Friday night wasn’t great. Just as he was going to bed Hubby showed up at the hotel (we had to go separately to the big family reunion). So that was a rough night.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights – – all through the night.

He does cry now when we put him down for sleep, but it’s not more than 20 minutes, and it’s not every time. Some naps he cries, some he doesn’t. Some nights he cries, some he doesn’t.

It is AMAZING how much better I feel, how less prone to feeling angry I am, how happier I am. I am a woman who needs her sleep. And blessedly it only took me about three nights to teach myself how to sleep through the night again. Right before I turn out my reading light I make sure he is breathing and then I sleep until I hear him playing with his crib music toy.

Eventually I will get up before him to get myself ready for the day, but right now I’m catching up on six months of lost sleep 🙂

Plus, the doc said that at this age he should be sleeping 10-12 hours a night and taking two 2-3 hour naps each day.

Well, immediately he quit taking 45 minute naps and started taking 2-3 hour naps. Yay!! Even at our crazy-loud family reunion he took two 2 hour naps a day in his cousin’s crib.

I love naps because it gives me some much needed “me” time during the day AND it allows me to nap, especially on days like today when I’m battling a fever.

Yay for sleep!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Sleep!!!

  1. Awesome, so glad you have had success with the sleep thing!! It is SO important to restoring your balance…there is only so long you can go sleepless and not lose your mind!

    So happy for you…



  2. Isn't it amazing how that works?? I really believe that children need to be taught how to soothe themselves to sleep. I started with my son at about 6 weeks just letting him fuss for a few minutes. If he got really upset I'd get him of course. We went from there. I didn't do that with my daughter, and she didn't sleep thru the night until I started letting her fuss at 8 months old. All the sleep I could have gotten. lol


  3. This is one of my biggest worries about becoming a mother…the fact that a lack of sleep will play into motherhood. I am a girl who needs my sleep and it takes me a long time to fall asleep. I am so glad that you are finally getting him to sleep through the night, and getting some more sleep yourself.


  4. YEAH!!! When Aliya was really young we put her to bed at 7:20-7:30pm, she slept longer and better though out the night. If we put her down later she was almost too tired and didn't sleep well.

    I am so glad you were able to get yourself to sleep again! I struggled with that for so long!!


  5. That's amazing! So glad it worked and you're getting some much needed sleep. I know what you mean about needing the sleep. Function so much better and enjoy the day if I get a good sleep.


  6. Sleep deprivation is so real. You ARE a different person with lack of sleep. We ALL are.
    So glad you are getting sleep and feeling more human. I remember those desperate feelings the first weeks and months and how awful everything else seemed.
    Hooray that you are moving beyond that!!!


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