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In Love

I’m in love.

With my son.

Little Man.

He is SO adorable.

He interacts…he rolls…he squeals in delight…he cackles like a dolphin…he motorboats…he eats well…he smiles at me…he reaches for me…he gives me kisses…

He’s the greatest.


If only he’d sleep more than three hours in a row.


3 thoughts on “In Love

  1. hahaha 🙂

    Cackles like a dolphin- love it!

    I find myself trying to name his noises and faces to record them for memories =)


  2. I totally feel for you. Nora JUST started sleeping through the night about two weeks ago and she just turned 9 months. It's so blissful to finally sleep. I hope you get there soon!


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