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Yesterday we tried squash. Or, squished, as my husband kept calling it. His reasoning? It had been squashed already…isn’t he so funny?


A friend recommended I spice the squash before I froze it. I declined. I decided I didn’t want to spice a whole batch. I can spice individual servings, should I so choose. She said cardamom was good; I think cinnamon would also work.


Butternut Squash:
1. Cut squash in half lengthwise (this was the most difficult part)
2. Scoop out the seeds & stringy stuff (kind of like a pumpkin)
3. Place face down in a baking dish
4. Add about 1/2″ of water
5. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour
6. Let cool (I am not so good at this waiting thing! trust me – WAIT)
7. Scoop out flesh into blender, processor, etc.
8. Puree!

I bought one butternut squash. I think it cost $2. It made two full ice cube trays of squash for my Little Man. He ate two last night and two tonight. He loves it!! I think it tastes pretty good, too. It’s kind of sweet (but I can see where cinnamon would add to it.) and hearty. It would make a lovely soup, too, I imagine.

Anyway. We’re up to rice, oatmeal, peas and squash.

And today? He started to army crawl.

What has happened to my baby????

4 thoughts on “Squashed

  1. Oh they grow up SO fast! I know people always say that but it's true.

    Squash/sweet potatoes were and still are some of Charlie's all-time favorites. He loves the orange veggies! Glad your little man is enjoying them too. 🙂



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