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Feeding the Boy

I’m only writing this (and posting it) because I wish I had been able to read someone else’s experience!!

So…at LM’s four month appointment, his pediatrician said he was eating too much formula. I didn’t even know that was possible, but he was pretty darn close to 40 ounces a day. She said time to add the calories.

We started on his four month birthday with rice cereal. I used 2-3 tablespoons of rice cereal and enough formula to make it the right consistency (which seems to change every time!). We started immediately with a spoon (I have since read to start with your finger, but oh, well!). LM took to it like a duck to water. He loved it!

I fed him rice cereal every evening (dinner) for about a month. I was getting ready to introduce different solids when he became so ill with his ear infection. He hardly ate anything that week, let alone rice cereal. His schedule (pre-illness) looked like this:

7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm – bottle (usually 4 ounces)
7pm – 4 ounce bottle & rice cereal w/ a spoon (in the high chair)
9:30pm – 4 ounce bottle
3:30am – 4 ounce bottle

After his sickness, he didn’t seem to want the rice cereal. This was at the 5 month mark, so I switched to oatmeal. He LOVES it. Again – a few tablespoons (I quit measuring) with formula. Plus, he naturally switched himself to a 3 1/2 or 4 hour schedule after being sick (depends on the day – and I feel a growth spurt coming on).

I debated back & forth about starting vegetables. There’s tons out there that says to not feed anything to infants under 6 months of age (except, of course, breastmilk or formula). My ped said 4 months. So I started cereal under her guidance and waited until this week to start veggies.

On Monday, Little Man was 23 weeks old. He won’t be 6 months until the 11th, but this Monday will be 24 weeks (which counts as six months? Are yaou confused? Cause I am!!).

This past Thursday we started with peas. Again – he loved them!

Again, I debated what solid to start with: fruit, veggie, which one??????????

Finally (with the advice from a friend) I decided upon peas, mostly because they’re my favorite vegetable (so I could eat them if he didn’t) and they’re kind of sweet!

We’re trying to save money, so I’m making our own baby food. That will be the next post!

For now, here’s his schedule (again, because I totally would have loved to have seen this about a month ago!):

7am – 6 ounce bottle, oatmeal
9am – sometimes we move oatmeal to here – depends on our schedule!
11am – 6 ounce bottle
3pm – 6 ounce bottle
7pm – 6 ounce bottle, oatmeal, peas (one cube worth)
9:30pm – as much of a 6 ounce bottle as he will eat
1am – 4am (somewhere in here) – almost all of a 6 ounce bottle

Sometimes we vary between 3 1/2 & 4 hours, and sometimes he doesn’t polish off the whole bottle.

But this is what we’re feeding the boy at almost six months!!

6 thoughts on “Feeding the Boy

  1. I'm sure you'll start others doing the same thing with this post. I used to do this when Isabel was little in my posts.
    Here is a post I did of what foods to introduce when. http://alwaysandforeverfamily.blogspot.com/2009/01/feeding-schedule.html

    We started Isabel on cereal around 4 months and solids shortly after. She was taking about the same amount in formula but her doc never had a problem with it. Each doc is different. You're doing an awesome job, mom.


  2. I'll be interested to read the post about how you are making the baby food! I have long been curious as to what I will do when the time comes, since I like to cook. I saw some steamer contraption at Williams-Sonoma that was for making baby food but it seemed to make it one serving at a time. That seemed useless.


  3. why's he wakin' up in the night for food when he's getting so much yummy stuff during the day??! oh these babes sure do throw us for loops! 😉 M's schedule is (roughly) 5oz formula every 3 hours when awake during the day with little bottles (around 2oz) before ea nap for a total of an average of close to 30oz every day. In the last month, we've been giving him some rice cereal mixed w/ formula few nights or so a week (when we remember! we haven't made it habit yet!) (our ped says it's for learning and experience and not totally necessary (isn't for nutrition) so I guess we've been laid back w/ it cuz he's doing alright w/ it) He goes to be around 8:45pm. He usually wakes up around 6am for maybe 3oz and goes back til around 8, but sometimes stays up from that 6:00time. This is him at 5 1/2 months 🙂 He'll be 6mo on July 6!


  4. Our doctor stuck a tongue depressor in Aliya's mouth a her 4 month check up (I believe) and she didn't gag, he said that's the key. If no gagging, then they are ready. I think we did just cereal for about 3 weeks, but we made it a meal and replaced the bottle. We did cereal twice a day then introduced food. By 10 months she was completely off baby food and eating 3 meals a day and only had a bottle in the morning, before naps and before bed.


  5. Our guy was on rice cereral in his bottle since he had been 5 weeks old due to reflux. We put 1 Tbsp of rice per 2 oz of formula (per our pediatrician) and we did this until we took him off his bottle just this week and he has slept through the night since 5 weeks old as well unless he was sick.

    As far as amounts we never have went over 6 oz in his bottles. He was on a schedule of eating every 4hours at different ounce bottles for a long time and if I remember right he has been on about 5 1/2 oz bottles forever and then when we started on milk at a year and weaning off bottles we started with the morning bottle first, then nap bottles and then just this week I took his night bottle away. We have not had a problem at all with him wanting his bottles, he adjusted really well to his sippy cup!

    I would also go through all the veggies first, 3 days on each before starting a new one to make sure no allergic reaction then do the fruits last because they will like the fruits better, or usually they do! Let me know if you want a good website for making your own food and I will look up where I found my stuff, it was super easy! Have fun, I loved doing it!


  6. We started my eldest on rice cereal the day he turned 4 months because he was really, really hungry. That quickly went to mashed bananas which he loved but you can't give too much because it can cause constipation. He also liked mashed avocado.
    By six months of age, we were grinding up our normal meals in the hand held crank grinder (which I highly recommend) and feeding him what we were eating. At nine months, he sat with us at a five star restaurant munching on small bits of gourmet chow.
    When we told his doc (who was a family practitioner and not a pediatrician and didn't seem to really know what she was doing) we had started solids, she berated me for starting solids without her express permission by saying “Well don't give him chocolate!”
    My sitter told me later that I should have replied, “But we dip the chocolate in honey!” Lol.
    We switched doctors that very day to the ped we still use.
    Anyway, I don't think you should make yourself feel guilty about feeding him when he is obviously ready to eat.
    My son is almost 9 now, he is normal weight and has no food allergies.
    When I was placed with my adoptive family, my foster mom wrote my mom a letter about my habits and whatnot. She started me on solid foods at TWO WEEKS of age. Now THAT is crazy but it's what they did back then.
    No food allergies for me either BTW.
    The rule of thumb is no egg whites, no nuts and nothing hard or whole for that first year.
    Good luck and enjoy!


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