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Reasons We Love Daddy

Here is simply a list, in no particular order, of reasons Little Man loves his Daddy on this, K’s first Father’s Day:

* He plays with him every night after work, even if he is tired
* He goes to work every day so mommy can stay home
* He babyproofed the house yesterday, including cleaning the carpets!
* He plays “airplane” when feeding LM
* He doesn’t skimp on the love
* He tickles LM and makes him giggle every day
* He pats his back in the middle of the night to soothe him back to sleep
* He took us camping last weekend, and set up the pop-up in the rain
* He took LM swimming for the first time and held onto him so tight so everyone felt safe
* He guards the house during thunderstorms, letting us know if we have to hide
* He likes to have “daddy dates” where it’s just my two boys!
* He lets mommy buy things for LM!
* He carries him around in the baby carrier so LM can see the world
* He took us to the Children’s Museum this week, and even bought us a membership so we can go whenever we want!
* He’s already showing LM how to grill and do yardwork 🙂
* He sings to LM, and he won’t even hardly sing in church!
* He worships next to us at church
* He stands up for what is right
* He is generous to everyone he meets
* He says kind things
* He already has private jokes with LM (who can’t even speak yet!)
* He makes bottles every night so they’re ready all throughout the night & day
* He loves Jesus
* He goes to Bible study one night a week because that is important
* He makes sure our bills are paid!
* He loves us both very very VERY much

So, happy first Father’s Day, K – we love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!

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