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I’m So Big!!

Hello Readers of Mommy’s Blog!

I decided I should update mommy’s blog since she is so bad at doing so. It seems all mommy does is play with me and clean up the house. I love it, though, because I get lots of her undivided attention.

I was really sick last week. I couldn’t hardly breathe, and that was kind of scary. Mommy called the doctor, who said they could see me the next day, but she demanded, um, asked, that they see me within a few hours. 45 minutes later I was in the doctor’s office. Of course, I was all happy smiles for the doctor, but it turned out I had an ear infection and a really bad cold. I had to take icky pink medicine and some icky purple medicine all week. It took until Thursday for my high fever to break.

I barely slept at all last week, so mommy didn’t really sleep either. I woke up about every 30 minutes because I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I’d fall asleep (but only if mommy was holding me) and eventually my mouth would close and I’d choke myself awake. It was pretty scary for everyone. On Thursday night daddy stayed up with me all night because mommy had been up with me since Sunday. We’re still recovering!! (Well, I think I’m better, but mommy said something about feeling really old and tired!)

I started to feel better on Friday, which was my five month birthday. Mommy tried to take my pictures, but I kept ripping off the sticker from my onesie. Then we got to go camping!! I liked camping a lot. Well, I liked sleeping in my pak-n-play bassinet and sitting outside in my bouncy seat. I also got to go swimming with daddy in the big lake. But my favorite part? Being naked in the sunshine when mommy changed me into dry clothes after swimming. I grinned and grinned and grinned at being naked in the sunshine!

This week I have just been growing in leaps and bounds. I’ve started eating every four hours instead of every three. I eat 6 ounces at a time instead of 4. I roll everywhere. I see something I want and I either scootch across the floor to get it or I roll over. Mamaw is coming over tomorrow because daddy and mommy say they have to babyproof. I bet I still get into things – he he he!!  I’m very talkative now, and I imitate a dolphin fairly well. I saw dolphins at the zoo yesterday, and I’m working even harder at sounding like them now.

I get to start veggies tomorrow or Sunday. I think mommy is going to start with peas. They are her favorite veggie – we’ll see if I like them or not.

Mommy had to buy 9 month pajamas for me because my feet are too big for 6 month jammies.

I love to grab my puppy dogs and pull out their hair. They don’t seem to like playing with me, though. They run from me 😦

I went to my first story time at the library yesterday. The lady and mommy sang some silly songs, but there were bubbles! That was the first time I ever saw bubbles – I liked them!
I still don’t sleep through the night. Mommy even did/does Babywise with me, but I still persist in waking up at 4am to eat 6 ounces of formula. What can I say? I’m a hungry growing boy!

This morning mommy came in to get me out of bed and I was sideways. My toes touch one side of the crib and my head rubs up against the other – I’m SO big!!!

I smile all the time at mommy and daddy. I’m also starting to recognize my grandparents and church friends. Yay!

Well, I should probably go before mommy catches me playing on her laptop! Later, internets people!!

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