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The Daily Grind

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. I’ve been caught up in the daily grind of life. I don’t say that as a bad thing…it’s just life 🙂

We travelled to Detroit over Memorial Day Weekend. My hubby likes to leave at the crack of dawn, so we were at my brother’s house by noon on Saturday. On Sunday we went to the Detroit Zoo. It was very  nice! I was impressed, because my bro had joked at one point that the zoo was made up of animals that had wandered in by mistake and been “trapped!” It’s true we saw our fair share of squirrels and local geese, but we also saw anteaters (weird) and got to feel the ice wall – very fun. Unfortunately, it took us like fourteen hours to walk back to our cars in the 112 degree heat, but it was a nice trip. Little Man got to ride in my nieces’ baby carrier – he really liked being strapped to daddy’s chest and seeing everything.

However, we’ve discovered that Little Man doesn’t deal well with stressful situations. By that I mean that he picks up on people’s stress levels and it affects him. Because my brother & his wife are packing up to move to FL, they are under a little bit of stress (ha ha – little being sarcasm!). There was a lot of bickering and snipping over the weekend – it put LM on edge. Plus, his routine was all messed up – no rocking chair at night, sleeping in his pack-n-play, different tap water…all of that seemed to add to his stress level as well.

It’s left me wondering what kind of impact his first mother’s stress level had on him while he was in utero. I know that everything a pregnant woman does and experiences impacts her unborn child. I know that his birth mother was under immense stress for the first 8 months of her pregnancy; I wonder how that will show up in LM’s life…

Other than that trip, we’ve just been enjoying life. Even though I quit my job in December, it’s summer break, and I feel like it’s summer break! It’s like I’m counting down to August, even though I’m not going back to work. But we’ve been to the local zoo with our small group and out to eat with friends. We had a play date at a friend’s house and we’re going camping this weekend. I’m afraid I’ve become one of “those” mothers who overschedules things! We have mommy & me exercise class on M/W/F and we start story time at the library this Thursday. Granted, library is only 20 minutes, but I don’t want to overschedule Little Man!

We’re currently experiencing our first major sickness. True, he had a sinus infection earlier this spring, but yesterday he had a fever of 102!!! Totally freaked out this mommy. I called the doctor and they said they could see me tomorrow; I said that I could be there in 10 minutes! We compromised on an appointment yesterday within an hour of my phone call. Turns out he has an ear infection and a cold. He hasn’t wanted to be put down for two days and I didn’t sleep at all last night – he wouldn’t lay in his crib – he only wanted to be on top of mommy. Yes, I love the cuddle time, but he is SO hot and I feel SO bad that he is sick. I wish it was me, instead.

Daddy took a turn with him about 2 am. But LM got so upset he cried and choked and threw up a bellyfull of mucus – that freaked out daddy! I calmly changed his pajamas and rocked him back to sleep. Anyway…the tylenol is managing the fever and the two doses of antibiotic have already seemed to help. But it definitely makes me sad he doesn’t feel so well!

So that’s us…just living life!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!

2 thoughts on “The Daily Grind

  1. Poor baby! LB would throw up mucus junk too when she was really sick back in April. It is scary, but it's the best thing to help clear all that out!! Hope he feels better soon.


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