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Four Months (already!) and Mother’s Day

Today Little Man is four months old. Holy cow!! Where has the time gone?

Stats (for those interested in such things):
27 3/4″ long (off the charts – I’m so proud!)
15 lbs 4 oz
16 3/4″ head

He’s eating 5 ounces every three hours. EVERY three hours. Around the clock.

BUT…tonight…we get to start cereal! Hallelujiah! Perhaps some sleep?

As soon as he’s got cereal down pat, we get to start real food. Anyone out there make your own baby food? Advice? Good recipes? Good books you can recommend about it?

He had his shots again today – took them like a little trooper. He even made it to the check-out lane of the grocery store before melting down. Now he’s asleep on my lap. Of course, being so long, he practically wraps around me.

Some pics for your pleasure:

Of course, Sunday was my first Mother’s Day as a mother. It was truly bittersweet. I wondered about S (who has closed our adoption. I’m still processing that, but I’m very sad about it). I loved holding Little Man all during church. Luckily, the services we attend don’t highlight “special” days, because we don’t feel like we should elevate any group above Christ. So there was nothing “special” about church except he was with me.

We had our moms over for a cookout. It was a pleasant day. Nice weather, good grilled food, good conversation. Little Man & his daddy got me a gift certificate for a spa day as my gift. I can’t wait to be pampered 🙂

I thought all day about people who so desperately want to be mothers. I dabbled in feeling guilty that it’s happened to me and not others, but only briefly. Probably the most touching part of the day is the card that MY mom gave me for my first mother’s day.

Then my mom hung out with Little Man so Keith & I got to spend some time alone together. We went fishing, which is a huge fun thing for both of us. It was nice to just be with him.

All in all it was a good day!!

4 thoughts on “Four Months (already!) and Mother’s Day

  1. Sorry to hear S closed the adoption. I will pray for you, her and your son!

    I am in love with his eyes and lips!!!

    Happy Mother's day!


  2. that 2nd pic is so beautiful!

    your little man IS a tall little man! M just had his 4mo visit Mon and he's made it to 26″

    it's interesting that your dr measures head in inches- our hospital did and dr does cm 🙂

    M's got a few ounces on ya- 15 10!

    and true to our blogtwin tendencies- M eats 5oz every 3 hrs too! BUT…not at night- hopefully that's end for you real soon!

    let me know how cereal goes!! i think we're gonna hold off just a little while yet.

    is anyone planning on a detroit memorial day get together???


  3. I made Reid's baby food. My aunt got me a little Beaba food maker that steams the food and purees it all in the same container, which was kind of nice for cleanup. It doesn't make much at a time, but it was easy to use and clean. She also got me a book on making baby food that you're welcome to borrow (you can borrow the food maker, too, if you'd like).

    The one thing is that I wasn't afraid to use herbs and spices. We eat a lot of ethnic food, and I want to make sure that Reid likes what we like. So from the beginning, he was experiencing flavors we like. He's SUCH a good eater because of it!


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