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Calling Detroit Bloggers & Babies!!!

Alright, so my brother lives in Detroit.

Until June.

Then he transfers to Key West. Who am I to complain?

But my little family will be visiting his little family Memorial Day weekend.

Who’s up for an adoption bloggers & babies get-together? You don’t have to have kids yet to participate!!

Ideas I have so far include Dave & Busters (on Hall Road in Utica) or Panera (23 mile & Gratiot) or a big picnic at a park somewhere (someone else would have to help me there!). We could just get together Sunday or Monday afternoon. I’m leaning toward the park idea, because those of you with older ones could let them play while the grown-ups talked, and everyone could provide food for their own families (’cause I know how much I prefer that than hoping there’s something I like!!).

Also, I like the park because then those of us who might have extended family with us for the weekend could also bring them. They can talk adoption extended family stuff OR just hang out and play.

Encourage hubbies to come…my hubby would LOVE to talk to other adoptive dads!!!


Either comment here with your email address (won’t be published) or send me an email with:

1) Your name
2) Your preference for Sunday or Monday
3) Your idea for a meeting place
4) If I can share your email with others so we can have mass emails!

I won’t publish details of the event…you’ll have to be in on the email list to get info 🙂

Can’t wait to hear who’s interested!!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Calling Detroit Bloggers & Babies!!!

  1. well, i'll be the first to comment! (of course you could have some waiting to be moderated)

    i do not live near detroit- i live clear on the other side of the state

    but if this thing flies (and i hope it does!) we might just have to take a drive!

    we'll be heading into that general area 2-3 weeks before then, too…so we'll have to see

    thanks for throwing the idea and invite out there!!!


  2. mon would work best for me, but i'm thinking about how the traffic will be quite something, so it might be just me w/ lots of pictures!!!!


  3. I'm not sure what our Memorial weekend looks like, yet, but I am in the Detroit area :).

    I love getting together with other adoption families. I actually live minutes from Dave & Busters, but I would suggest holding the get-together at Stony Creek Metro Park. It has a Macomb and Oakland County entrance. The park is BEAUTIFUL and has TONS of stuff for families to do. Swimming/beach, kids play areas, boat rentals (paddle/canoe/Kyak), volleyball, tennis, biking/hiking trails, Frisbee golf, etc.
    We spend most of our summer there.

    Feel free to email me for more information! It is $5 per car to get in if you don't have a season pass.


  4. Wow, I took forever to reply to this. I would definitely be up for getting together but I honestly don't know what that weekend will be like with family gatherings, etc just yet.

    I would think probably Sunday would be my best day…I will have to play it by ear though and see what works as the time gets a little closer.

    GREAT idea though, I'm so glad you thought of this!


    P.S. I think a park would be a great idea. I'm not familiar with your brother's area but you may be able to find a metro-park or a splash part that would be fun for kiddies, just a thought!


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