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Cult? Of Personality! **

I gave my blog address to a friend.

She tried to read it at a nationally known bakery (P….era).

Their web browser declared my site unreadable.

It’s a cult/occult site.


Cult: any religion that denies the deity of Christ.


A) I’m NOT a religion
B) I don’t deny the deity of Christ

Occult: generally evil satanic things.

I’m pretty sure we all know where I stand there.

And while it should probably just amuse me….it annoys me.

Did someone label my blog as cultish? Occultish?

Oh well…….small minds, people…..small minds.

** Title of a song that I totally rock out on in guitar hero!!!

2 thoughts on “Cult? Of Personality! **

  1. Rachel

    It has taken me a while, but I have finished reading your entire blog from beginning to end. Thanks again for sharing it with me.

    I want you to know how much reading it has helped me in my journey. Reading your early posts has made me feel normal…FINALLY! You went through what I am going through now. Reading your recent posts has given me a new hope and faith in our journey.

    Thanks again,
    Amber S.


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