being a mommy

Mommy Initiation

Yesterday: two 45 minute screaming sessions + two 2 hour naps on mommy + refusing to be held by daddy for very long + wanting to be held by mommy. all. day. + refusal to eat very much + tylenol = 1 trip to the doctor today (and one very worn out mommy last night).

Today: trip to the doctor (he’s starting to teeth. at only almost eleven weeks!) + rude nurse (how do you know he has siblings? so she kept them and gave up him? aren’t you lucky) (how about, aren’t YOU lucky, lady, that I don’t punch you in the face) + NO ear infection (yay!) + no real morning nap + rainy day at the zoo (butterfly garden!) + no real afternoon nap + formula single = projectile vomiting all over the crib, mattress, ear, pacifier, wall and floor. (I really think the formula singles are way different than the big cans – the 4 times I’ve given him one, weird digestive things happen).

The result? A very cranky baby who wants to eat NOW, even though I would only give him 2 ounces because he just threw up everywhere. If he’s fine in about an hour, he can have 2 more!!

Something’s definitely going on with Little Man…according to doc he’s perfectly healthy, just has a bit of a stubborn cold and the beginning of teething. But he’s very sleepy now, and cuddly (which he’s pretty independent, normally) and whiny. In between gorgeous huge smiles and almost-giggles, that is.

It’s like he’s having mood swings!

But I definitely feel I’ve earned “mommyhood” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mommy Initiation

  1. Trust your mothering instincts! If you think something's off, it probably, even if it's teething…it was good to see you yesterday! We must do again soon!.


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