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Bad Blogger

I’m a bad blogger. I’m going like five days between blog entries. I guess I just feel like I don’t have a lot to say. Plus, the weather briefly turned warm, so I took advantage and took Little Man out for walks and to run errands.

Let’s see…do I have any news?

Well, I took Little Man to the big grocery store yesterday for the very first time to do the whole week’s worth of grocery shopping. I put him in my ring sling and just carried him through. I couldn’t get his head to quit bouncing around as I walked, though, so I had to push the cart with one hand. That worked until it was about half full of groceries. He finally fell asleep, so that was nice. But when we left, it was spitting snow and cold hard rain…made putting him back into his car seat a load of fun. Really. I mean it.

We’ve developed a routine in the past week. I always appreciate knowing what other babies are doing, so here’s his routine:

7am – wake up, eat, play
8:15 – nap
10:00 – wake up, eat, play
11:30 – nap
1:00 – wake up, eat, play
2:15ish – nap
4:15ish – wake up, eat, play
Somewhere around here is fussy time -but it’s brief & usually mended with some cuddling!
7:00 – eat
8:00 – bath, play with daddy
9:00 – eat, story, swaddle, prayers, sing
9:45ish – asleep!
1:30am – eat
4:30am – eat

That’s basically it. Today he woke up at 8am, so he’s down for his morning nap still. Last week (early) we dealt with the 45 minute naps. My doctor told me to leave him in his crib for an hour, even if he cries, and I tried…I really tried. But I couldn’t do it. But he seems to have resolved the 45 minutes on his own.

Oh, he’s 10 weeks old…

I wish we could drop the 2am feeding, but he eats 4 ounces, so it’s not like he’s not hungry! The same happens a few hours later…

Keith assembled his jumperoo on Sunday, and even though he can’t reach the floor, he’s figured out that if he swings himself the music will play. Genius!!

Little Man has suddenly started to spit up after he eats. He eats a solid 4 ounces each time…and then promptly spits up. Not a ton, but not a little, either.

He loves to lay on his back on a blanket – no toys or anything. He’s a fairly happy, laid back little guy.

I found a great book called “God Found Us You.” Keith took me out on a date Saturday night and we ended up at the big bookstore (which I love). I wasn’t going to buy anything, but I read that book and totally  cried in the children’s section of the store. So now I read it at night to Little Man.

I guess that’s about it…not much going on in the life of this new mommy and her little guy!!

4 thoughts on “Bad Blogger

  1. Another book by the same author, God Gave Us You had me crying in the Walmart aisle too. And of course, I bought it. She's the writer of the book my MOPS groups is currently reading, Life on Planet Mom. I like her!


  2. We actually used a pacifier to cut out the nighttime feedings one at a time. When Reid woke up for the feeding, I gave him his pacifier. I did that for three nights, and then he didn't wake up for that feeding anymore! I waited another week or two and then cut out the other night feeding the same way. Thank you, Baby Whisperer! 🙂


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