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One Month, Answers & How it Works Here

Little Man was one month old on Thursday. Since it was also his daddy’s birthday, I focused on Keith that day!

He is 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 3/4″ long – he’s grown quite a bit!
His growing so fast makes me a little sad 😦 – I want him to stay little 🙂
Okay….an answer to a question:
Q: Will I keep the name Barren Woman now that God has blessed us with a son?
A: Yes. Technically, I am still barren. My womb is still broken. But I am okay with that. I realize that God wants us to grow our family through adoption. I do think God closed my womb (which isn’t a popular opinion, but I’m pretty sure it’s what God had in store for me). And yes, God has blessed us with a son, but it’s still a true statement to say that I’m barren.
Adoption in the state I live in is apparently much different than it is in other states that I read about in blogland. We adopted through a social work agency and lawyer group. The social work agency did all of our background checks, homestudy, visitation, counseling, education, etc. The lawyer group matched us with a birthmother and handles all of the legal stuff.
So here’s how it works for us:
S gave birth on January 11.
The lawyer visited on January 12 and S signed her TPR.
That afternoon, a judge called S and she vocally relinquished her parental rights.
On February 10 the birthfather’s rights expired. He never appeared on the scene.
We go to court sometime in March to finalize.
Apparently our state is a very adoptive-parent friendly state. I guess we’re blessed in that!!
Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

8 thoughts on “One Month, Answers & How it Works Here

  1. True. Cool. I was just Curious. So glad that the situation in the state has worked out so pleasantly; he certainly is adorable! LOVE that 1 month onesie!


  2. Happy One Month little Angel and Happy Birthday Keith!

    We also live in an adoptive-friendly state! I think it is best for the child to be able to bond with his mommy rather than be placed and then after a few months, be removed.

    Where did you get that shirt? It is too cute. I want one for each month leading to 12 months!


  3. Yes, in NC, once the BM signs, she still has seven days to revoke. Same with dad if he appears on the scene. If he does not, they run an add and then the court terminates the rights.

    Those seven days are probably going to be the hardest seven days when we do have a match. I am not looking forward to it.

    But, that boy is one cutie!


  4. First and foremost, your son is Beautiful!

    Ohio is pretty adoption friendly as well, esp the county we live in.

    I think keeping your blog name is a great idea, it speaks volumes of God's love!


  5. I had not read your blog in a while I guess – I am so glad for you to have this little guy. And I know how hard it is to be so grateful, so excited and so exhausted. To be so pleased to have a child and so freaked out that you cannot handle what you most wanted. Because nights are long and sleep deprivation is so heavy!
    I look forward to reading your honest journey down this path!
    Be strong!!


  6. ONE MONTH?! How is it possible already?! He is adorable, love the t-shirt.

    It does sound like your state is adoptive-parent friendly. Glad the process has worked/is working well for you. We finalized “early” when Charlie was seven months old so yours will definitely be faster!



  7. He's adorable and I love the shirt.

    Yes that is a friendly state. Can't complain though our state is pretty good and it works differently with an agency and private as what you did would be considered here.


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