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Family Saturday

It snowed here yesterday/last night. We got pretty close to 8″ of the wet white stuff, and when the wind started in we got HUGE snow drifts.

Last year, we bought a snowblower. Excuse me, Keith…a snow THROWER. Whatever, right? Anyway…last time it snowed I used it on the driveway and was informed that Keith loved that job, so I wasn’t to do it anymore. Fine by me!!

So essentially we thought we’d be snowed in today. It was a nice lazy family Saturday – our first since Little Man came into our lives almost 4 weeks ago. The other three Saturdays involved visits with family and/or visitors to our house. Today it was just the three of us. (six if you add in the 2 dogs and 1 fat cat)

Big contented sigh.

We slept in. We snuggled against the cold. Hubby cleared the driveway, the sidewalk and then helped the neighbor clear their driveway. I made breakfast (gasp) and then baked oatmeal cookie bars (from a mix from a student, but still…baking). We napped. We played video games. We fussed and cried (guess who did that!). We watched TV.

But then we got stir-crazy.

We got ready to go out. We needed a stroller, some bottle liners and an excuse to leave.

But before we left, I checked facebook. Last weekend we had professional pics taken by friends of ours, and they sent us the link to our pictures this afternoon.

We decided to peek before we left.

And I cried.

There are some fabulous pictures of the three of us.

The three of us.

Our family.

MY family.

I thought the day would never come. And even though Little Man has been home with us since the day after he was born, it’s been very surreal. Even tonight, while enjoying a gourmet fast-food dinner (ha ha) I just kept looking at him and saying, “I can’t believe this is real.”

I don’t know why it took pictures of the three of us for me to realize what’s real. But it did.

Combine the pictures with a lazy Saturday and dropping some big bucks at we-b-babies on a stroller, gripe water and bottle inserts while Little Man napped in his car seat in the cart…and I realized it’s true.

We’re a family.

For real.

5 thoughts on “Family Saturday

  1. I'm glad you got to have that moment looking at your pictures. I'm sure it was very emotional and special. For those of us going through adoption, that moment that we realize the horrible longing is over, it must be such a great thing. I can't wait to get there.


  2. As someone who is passionate about photography, I totally get what you mean about seeing the pictures and realizing its really real! I'm so glad you guys are doing so well!! 😀


  3. And isn't it awesome when those “aha moments” occur? It still happens to me from time to time, and we're nine months in! Mostly we are settled into our little family now but I still have those little moments, like when he crawled over to me to be picked up last night. My heart soared.

    So happy for you and your beautiful, amazing family! 🙂



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