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Alarm in the Middle of the Night

Last night Little Man ate about 2:00 am. He was fed & changed and I prayed he’d sleep until at least 5am.

At 4:30 am our carbon monoxide detector went off.

Keith & I sat straight up in bed, trying to figure out what it was.

The alarm stopped after about 45 seconds.

Turns out we had a power surge and it set off the alarm and our garage lights (?).

I ran to the nursery to make sure he was still breathing.

I picked him up to be doubly sure and kissed his still-sleeping face multiple times.

I hugged him tight.

I put him back to bed.

Keith & I got back to bed. I asked him a dozen times if we should call the fire department. I made him open a window in the dining room (where the furnace closet & the CO2 detector are). I opened the bedroom window.

Little Man slept a while longer and woke up to eat about 5am.

Thank God – literally – that everyone is okay.

Scary to be woken up by an alarm in the middle of the night.

Scarier still when you have a newborn.

And when do they quit being newborns and become infants?

6 thoughts on “Alarm in the Middle of the Night

  1. My husband just read this, and at the part about asking Keith 12 times if you should call the fire department, he said “I SO feel Keith's pain!” 🙂 It's a mom thing.

    So glad you're all okay!

    I was just thinking last night, I wonder how old my kids will be before I check on them every night while they're sleeping to make sure they're still breathing. We're going on 4 years, and I still do it at least once every night before I go to bed, and sometimes in the middle of the night.


  2. Wow, definitely scary! I'm glad it wasn't more serious and that everyone is OK.

    Babies leave the “neonate” stage and enter infancy after 28 days; however, I think many babies still act and behave like newborns quite a bit longer than that! 🙂



  3. I always figure it's when I stop counting days, definitely not before 6 weeks, So, I'll say 2 months. I hear noises outside the house, and go check on the boys, (or send Eric) all the time. I'm sorry, I don't think you'll ever not freak out and want to check on them when the alarm goes off in the middle of the night. But that's what we signed up for as parents, waking in the middle of the night, and our reward is often the beauty of seeing them sleep.


  4. whoa- Melba, you're smart! Cool info about when newborns are no longer just that- and good Q, Rachel! Hadn't known that…

    So, I guess technically, my little man is not newborn anymore- Today is his 1 Month Day!!!!!


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