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And We Will Wait…

One of my favorite teacher blogs titles all of her posts with lines from songs. I wish I was that creative…

First, someone go show love to Prabha. She and her hubby traveled 8 hours yesterday thinking they would bring home their baby, but instead returned home empty-handed. I think that is every pre-adoptive parent’s worst nightmare, and my heart goes out to them. She appears to be handling it well, but who knows, right? Anyway…go show her some love.

Having said that…

We met S last night. I have no words to adequately or accurately describe our time together. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. We started out our meeting with her social worker. After a bit, though, the social worker commented on how we were getting along so well, so she was leaving.

We had lots of laughs, no tears (which is good!), and made lots of plans. Since all of us are new to open adoption, we didn’t make a lot of “cement decisions.” We simply talked through what we envision and how we want to pursue this. Her two daughters climbed right into our laps and wanted to play with us, sing for us and show off their princess outfits they had received for Christmas.

It was very very good.

She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Baby is stubbornly clinging to his womb. If he hasn’t shown up by next Wednesday’s appointment, they will schedule to induce her. No one is looking forward to a possible date for inducing, but at the same time it would allow us to “plan,” and all of us like to plan!

S was sure to tell us how glad she is she has the choice of adoption…how she feels it in her bones that we are the parents for her son…how she loves us and has since she read our profile…how serious she is about her decision and how comfortable she is…

So we will wait until she calls! Then we will get to be at the hospital…in the room…for Baby’s arrival into the world.

Beth Moore’s study “Esther” talks about how it’s difficult to be a woman who is high on emotion and low on information. That has been me for almost a week. This morning, high on emotion AND information, I awoke with a whole new spirit. Peace. Calm. Excitement. Joy.

My parents said last night they could hear it in my voice.

So we will wait…contentedly!

Oh! And she loved the nursery! We gave her pictures in a little album and I told her she could put pictures of the baby in when we send those. She loved the album, she thought the nursery is adorable and she gave me some great parenting tips throughout the night! Yea!!

Oh again! Happy New Year’s Eve!!

5 thoughts on “And We Will Wait…

  1. I'm so glad to hear the meeting went well! It sounds like you are all a great match all around! Have you posted the nursery on here? I can't remember now, lol!

    I'm so glad your hearts full of peace…can't wait to meet your little one!


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