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Nope…Not Yet!

No news yet! Well, no birth news.

I think I’ll chalk that last post up to a wicked mix of feelings: the final two-week stretch (which I hear from everyone is the worst, second only to the hospital wait), PMS, holiday blahs, stress…

I still feel like I’m swimming through tar and can’t quite “get it together.”

Things I’ve accomplished lately: S’s gift, spoke with S’s social worker, made arrangements to meet social worker and S, eavesdropped on hubby’s conversation with S, explained to hubby why HE is way more important in this equation than I am (she’s already raising children w/o 24 hour access to their daddies…her son will have 24 hour access to his daddy & that’s part of why she chose an adoption plan), cleaned the carpets (most of them), journaled a ton, slept a lot (I hear sleep is a precious and soon to be disappearing commodity in my life!), met my best girls for brownies & chatting, made dozens of to-do lists and lost them, played with my dogs, read some books (again, I hear that will disappear soon, too), talked to my mom on the phone, watched TV, planned Scooter’s first play date with friends from church, been unable to sleep at night…

Today’s to-do list:
Groceries – pretend there’s a blizzard & you can’t leave for a week…what do you need?
BBB – need a humidifier for the nurser & some wall decs
Pictures – S wants pictures of the nursery (what if she hates it?????) (hence the need for a few more decs)
K.ohls – I need slippers & some cute pajamas to stay at home in 🙂
Lunch out on my own – really, how many more times will I have THAT option?
Hallmark – need cards for S, the new grandparents and the new daddy (hint hint, Keith…)
Nap – again

Random other thoughts:

We are adopting trans-racially, so I’ve been on the hunt for African American themed Christmas decorations. I found a nativiy set at walworld the day after Christmas and a student gave me a beautiful black angel. I’d still like to find some artwork for Scooter’s room, though, that has that theme…

I cannot wait to meet S tomorrow night. However, she has a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Hopefully we will still meet at her house and not at the hospital!!

S’s two oldest boys are very serious about meeting us, because we are going to be “taking care of our brother.” We can’t wait to meet them! But I think I’m more nervous about their approval than anything else!

All in all, it looks like sooner than January 9 we will be parents…


I hope all of your journies are going well…

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