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Apparently I LOOK Pregnant???

Today was the last day of school for me.

A parent (one who is generally rude and has raised an incredibly rude child): “So, this is your last day before maternity leave?”

Me: “Yes.”

Parent: “Well you look great! You’re hardly showing!”

Me: “We’re adopting….remember?”

Parent: “Oh.”


Anyway…I cannot accurately describe the overwhelming joy felt in my soul when I walked into the kitchen when I got home. I am home. Hopefully for good!

It’s official, though…I’m a housewife 🙂

I wish I could say I’m a stay at home mom – but I’m not.

Yet 🙂

My students yesterday prayed for me. They encircled me and laid hands on my and prayed for me…and our birth mother…and our baby. By the time they were finished I looked like I had a waterfall pouring out of my eyes. They are amazing kids.

I love teaching. Well, I love the kids. I love MY kids. I hate a lot of what goes hand-in-hand with teaching (that only fellow teachers could ever understand) but I love teaching. And I’m good at it.

I will miss my kiddos.

But for now…I’m home.

Big sigh 🙂

8 thoughts on “Apparently I LOOK Pregnant???

  1. Yayy for being home. My last day at work before I go on 'tentative' FMLA will be Dec 31st. I think that will be a good way to ring New Year's in!

    Your love for the kids and teaching comes through. 🙂


  2. how beautiful, them praying for you!

    without looking back at your posts, maybe you'll answering these q~
    do you teach at a christian school?
    what grade do you teach?


    happy housewife and SAHM-to-be day!!!


  3. Welcome home! I know it's good to be home and to not have anything else on your plate other than the adoption. 🙂 Now, you can just take a nice, deep breath and get on with fluffing your nest.



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