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Happy Baby Stuff!

I must say I am sorry – I have been on sort of a downer kick lately. It’s been a stressful few weeks for a number of reasons, and I tend to just put everything out there when I blog. But I hope to change that trend.
So…today? Happy baby stuff!
First, mega congrats to RB – Baby Mac is safely in their hotel room and they are enjoying bonding. This is GREAT news in blogland!!
Second, I want to brag just a little about the baby shower my family had for me yesterday. I really struggled with having a baby shower before I have Baby in my arms. But…there are aspects of becoming a mother where I want to be “just like everyone else.” I’ve never been much of the kind of girl that wants to be like everyone else. Frankly, I’ve always been just different enough that it usually never bothers me. But, I wanted to have a baby shower while “pregnant.”
I will grant you that it was very … odd … to have a baby shower and not be pregnant. My sister-in-law is due ten days after S, so SHE looked like she was ready to have a shower, not me. Granted, I’ve gained about 20 pounds since we started this in April (and, not coincidentally, S got pregnant). However…it’s not in my uterus 🙂
I was very apprehensive about yesterday. In fact, I made myself sick on Friday night I was so nervous about it. I am not always comfortable being the center of attention, and I was convinced no one would show up for the party. Boy was I silly!
There were over 30 women there – family of mine and friends of my mother! And the gifts…oh, my goodness! We are so blessed. And Baby, whether or not he arrives in January or some other time, will be welcomed with all sorts of love, prayers and open arms. Here are a few pictures:
Decorations: No pregnant women here 🙂

My nursery…afterwards!

The gift table. I’m telling you – these women are nutso-excited about our baby!

I’m not a cake girl…so we had cookie! Plus, all of my favorite snacks from my mom, step-mom and mother-in-law.

All in all it was a wonderful day. It was odd to have all these people watch me open presents. But, I got so many wonderful things for Baby…things that will save us SO much money…things that will make life with Baby even more wonderful than it already would be…things that prove to me Baby will be loved and welcomed like every other member of our family. I am just blessed. And I am glad I let our social workers talk my family (and me) into having a shower pre-Baby.

5 thoughts on “Happy Baby Stuff!

  1. How fun! I just had my shower today! It's so great you did it before baby. I think it would have been more fun if I had the confidence to do that. I also was nervous about it because I hate being the center of attention as well. I strategically timed it so my sister was in town and she'd be the center of attention since no one sees her. (Sneaky- I know!). I'm so glad you were showered with many well-deserved gifts and that you had the courage to do this before baby! Congrats!


  2. It looks like a beautiful shower! I totally understand what you mean about not always being comfortable being the center of attention. I remember commenting to my sisters that I was afraid no one would come to my shower too, but they thought I was crazy and they were right!

    I think it's awesome that you had such a great turn out…I can't wait to see you putting all those awesome baby gifts to good use! 🙂



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