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Baby Expo

Today was the Indianapolis Baby Expo. Hubby and I decided to go this morning. We got lots of free samples of stuff and lots of information. Our biggest scores of the day, however, were a Moses basket w/ matching diaper bag (for less than half of their retail price), two pacifiers with stuffed animals attached (dog & bear) and stretchy things to attach toys to the car seat, bouncy seat or whatever. It was very fun to spend the morning looking at cute stuff with my cute husband!

Then we went to a farm owned by friends of ours. They have five children and are excellent parents. It was a great chance to observe a woman actually be the kind of mom I want to be. And she let me pick her brain about cloth diapers (she makes her own!!!), being a SAHM and anything else I wanted to ask. Yea!

So here are pictures our great buys today. Apparently nesting has officially kicked in:

3 thoughts on “Baby Expo

  1. We were there too! I got some baby leggs for my little man and I was going to get some more gumdrop pacis but its cheaper to order them online so that's what I am going to do – those are the only ones he will take! Glad you found some great buys and you are definitely nesting!! 🙂


  2. I wish we had gotten to go to a baby expo 😦 Sounds like so much fun! I love your little moses basket. I LOVE ours…I am so glad we went with it instead of a traditional bassinet. We also paired it with a rocking moses basket stand and that thing is a LIFE SAVER!

    Enjoy the nesting. You only get a couple of months, when you figure in holidays. It'll be the big day before you know it!



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