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We’re Having A……..

Did I ever tell you we have a family of girls? I mean, there’s me, of course. But then there’s my brother. Then there’s Keith. And his two brothers. Of the “blood” relatives, I’m the only female.

I have two wonderful sisters-in-law.

And five nieces. Okay, well, really, 4 – 1/2. My brother & his wife are due five days after we are. And they’re having another girl.

I have a mother, a step-mother and a mother-in-law. Our child will have three grandmothers and one grandfather.

So last night we get an email from M, our paralegal. She says S told her the gender of the baby and did we want to know.

Do we want to know? Duh!!!

So we immediately email back that YES, we want to know.

That’s at 8:00 last night.

I get to work at 8:00 this morning.

No email.


No email.


No email.

Just what time to lawyers get to work anyway? Maybe she has court? Maybe they’re finalizing another family’s adoption. Maybe she called in sick. Maybe she’s lying to us.


No email.

11:07 – I covertly text my husband while my students are working in groups on a project: “I’m dying – you call M.”

He texts back: “What’s the phone number?”

Seriously?????????????????????????? Grrrr……

So I text him back.

He calls a few minutes later. I illegally answer the phone in my classroom! He tells me he loves me. (duh). He tells me he talked to M. (duh). (can you please speed this along….). He asks if I want to know.

Do I want to know. Gee….ya’ think that maybe that’s why I texted you in the first place?

He tells me M said she has a huge list of emails she’s looking through this morning and she’s not to mine yet. He says, “You’re killing us!” She says, “Is Rachel with you?” Keith says, “No, she’s supposed to be teaching, but she can’t because she’s totally distracted waiting for email. You can tell me!”

So she does.

And then he calls me.

We’re having a boy.

A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a son.

We have been praying for a son since, umm….well, since we got married. We are so excited.

All the grandparents are thrilled. The uncles are thrilled. The friends are thrilled.

We, the parents, are thrilled.

So I bought a camo onesie and a camo overall set for my son. Because Keith is a hunter.

My son.

Whoever thought that I would ever think…dream…utter…write those words.

My son.


And don’t tell me not to be excited. I realize this match could fail. I do. But for today, I’m allowing myself the unbridled joy of knowing I get to be the Mommy of a precious precious baby boy.

A son.

I can’t wait.

9 thoughts on “We’re Having A……..

  1. Congrats!! We are having a Boy as well-via adoption…and we couldn't be more excited-because this is the 1st boy in 22 YEARS in my family!!! CONGRATS!!!



    I can tell you first hand that it is the most wonderful thing in the world!!

    Congratulations, I am so very happy for you, ad I can't wait to compare baby boy notes with you when the time comes!!

    And yes, the match could fail…it's a risk we all face with this journey, but would it hurt any less if you restrained yourself right now? My guess is probably not.

    Yay…I'm SO happy for you!!




  3. Congratulations and Blessings!!! we met with a couple on Oct 26 and are waiting to hear back from them if they want us to parent their child. The doctors say boy and he's due to come Jan. 26!


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