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We find out tomorrow if we’re having a boy or a girl.

We are SUPER excited.

It’s terribly difficult to name a baby. How come no one ever talks about that? We’d like to at least narrow it down to a gender!!!

So check in tomorrow…there will be an announcement 🙂

By the way, S isn’t moving. Yet. But she might next month. It could go either way. The thing is, if she moves, we could need another $3-5000 for the adoption expenses. Ouch. Guess we might be taking out a loan after all.

I’ll have to tell Keith, first, of course. So don’t hold your breath!!

Since when do furniture salesmen have to be d-bags? Seriously!!!

3 thoughts on “Update!!!!

  1. ohh, exciting! I can't wait to find out what you're having!! Naming is incredibly hard…have you ever checked out baby name genie on the web? It's rather ridiculous, but a good way to have some fun and pass the time. We did find one of our names for Mr. Baby there, as silly as that seems.

    I'm hoping she doesn't move…I know that would add a lot of stress for you guys. Fingers crossed!



  2. Very exciting to find out! I thought that I didn't want to know, but now that we know it makes it feel much more real. We do have a name, but only because it's a girl. If it were a boy we would really be struggling to agree on a name!

    Hope S stays put…that would stink about the added expenses, and for her, I can't imagine moving while pregnant. Yikes.


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