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I’m Kicking Eve in the Shin….

Someday, when I get to Heaven, I am going to kick Eve in the shin.

Thanks to her, I HATE being a girl for about 4 days a month.

Isn’t it enough that I can’t conceive a child – I have to have wicked wicked WICKED pains, too?

It can’t be one or the other?

Thanks, SO MUCH, Eve, for eating the fruit.

Hope it was yummy.


3 thoughts on “I’m Kicking Eve in the Shin….

  1. I NEVER had a bad cramps until one Friday in January…Aliya came home 3 days later… I think that was God giving me a glimpse of what labor might feel like. I hate those monthly pains, but each time i have them I'm reminded of the weekend Aliya came home.


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