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Game! Set! Match!

So things are progressing well. Today we mailed off our response letters to S and a BIG FAT CHECK to the lawyer. But we are very happy to mail off this big fat check: it represents forward motion in our adoption.

Tomorrow I get to go register at Target with my mom. Keith has refused to register again! But I am excited my mom gets to be part of my “pregnancy” this way. It’s something we would do if I was biologically pregnant, so I can’t wait!

I have been praying for S. She asked me to in her letter. The problem is I don’t really know what to pray for. I know God knows, but it’s odd to just sort of generically pray for such an important woman.

I’ve started on my list of stuff to do before the baby arrives. This weekend includes a huge camping trip with friends and family; my last camping trip without a pak-n-play and baby gear! I went to the library tonight and checked out a huge stack of books to read in peace out in nature (or safely ensconced in my bug-free tent!).

We are adopting transracially, so I’ve also begun to research things about African American culture. It’s an odd sort of thing, because although I excel at research, I’m not very sure where to begin. I’m excited about this journey, though, that is for sure!

3 thoughts on “Game! Set! Match!

  1. First, I think all the feelings you have are normal. There are stages/phases for any big changes. If you weren't thinking and feeling all that, I'd be nervous. šŸ™‚

    Good luck with your reading! I suggest “Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother.” It's on transracial adoption and I thought it was really good. And don't forget to read good, ol' fashion baby-raising books. Because after all, it's just a baby. šŸ™‚



  2. YAY!! Congrats on the baby registry, that is so much fun! I think you're smart for not taking hubs. I had two registries, and the one I did with my sister was A LOT more fun than the one I did with my hubby!



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