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So yet another colleague is pregnant.

She announced it today, first thing.

I realize I’m going to be a mother….

But not yet.

And I’m a bit jealous…sad…bitter…resentful…angry…

I called Keith to tell him.

He said, “How do we feel about this?”

He was prepared to celebrate or curse…my choice.

He’s the best husband in the WHOLE world…

4 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrr….

  1. Oh I soooo know the feeling, a little too well! I was just thinking the other day about an announcement from a fellow student of mine back THREE YEARS ago! Back them I was up to my elbows in IF treatments, and her news stung pretty badly. Now though, we are still in touch, and we both have sons – albeit three years apart. It's not the way I would have planned things, but it's still pretty darn good.

    Hang in there!!



  2. I too know the feeling. I think in a matter of two days I heard of 3 people being pregnant. Hang in there. I always try to concentrate on the “light at the end of the dark tunnel”.


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