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Good Day


As I slept in this morning, and slowly awoke, I began to wonder how many more Saturdays I will have to do this. I thought the same thing last night as, after the first two days of school, I was exhausted. I came home from work, changed into my pajamas and basically laid in bed the rest of the night catching up on DVR. How many more Fridays will I have for that? And am I really ready to give up my laziness for a baby?

I think so 🙂

Today we did sleep in, went out for a “day date” and had breakfast. Keith took me to the mall to buy my birthday present and then he spent the rest of the day with his brother while my mother and I hit the movies and the baby store. (Buy Buy Baby – too bad you really can’t!!). It was a very good day.

Mom & I saw “Julie and Julia.” I won’t ruin it, but when she starts getting comments on her blog, I could share her excitement. The first time someone commented on my blog post and the first time I realized people actually “follow” me on theirs…I did a little happy dance. So, all of you bloggers out there would appreciate that part of the movie. And if any of you out there love food or cooking…you should totally check out the film.

Did you know Julia Child couldn’t get pregnant? I don’t know why…the movie didn’t address that, exactly. However, I actually teared up during the movie because she finds out someone close to her is pregnant, and earlier in the film, she and her husband passed by a baby carriage and she stopped walking to turn and watch it. Then she looks at her husband and says something like, “What am I going to do?”

I am pretty willing to bet that 99.5% of the women in the theatre (including my own mother) didn’t connect those two scenes. In the early scene she looks longingly at a baby carriage…and it wasn’t a “oh how cute” look, but a definite “I want that and can’t have it” look. I would know! And then when she finds out about the baby…her reaction on screen broke my heart. It so mimicked my own life…joy at someone else’s joy…but bitter tears at her own heartbreak.

However – I totally recommend the movie!

Then my mom and I went shopping for my niece, who will be one this coming week. While out, mom wanted to buy something for my baby, so she chose this really cute diaper caddy that I wanted. It was kind of fun walking around BBB swinging my first “real” baby gift from my mom!!

When I got home, it was to discover Keith and his brother had moved our baby furniture from the garage into the nursery and had even assembled the crib!! Suddenly our “spare” room is teeny tiny.

I’m not sure I’m ready to have the nursery, but at the same time, it’s not really “ready.” The crib is so my niece has a place to sleep next weekend while my brother and his family are down from Detroit. The furniture couldn’t stay in the garage because A) my car needs to be in there and B) we’re hosting the first birthday party for my niece and need the space in the garage. But the furniture (which I bought on craigslist) and the crib (which is a wonderful gift from a friend) all need scrubbed and repainted (well, maybe the crib doesn’t need repainting!). Then I have to line the drawers and shelves and such. Plus, I want to put something else on the walls, the rocking chair needs cushioning and there’s no lamp.

So technically it’s not a nursery :). It’s just a room of baby stuff!! Notice the difference? Probably not, but I need to, at least for now.

Then I froze about 10 dozen ears of fresh sweet corn (yummy), made dinner for Keith and BIL and now I am about to do dishes and head for bed…

Definitely a good day…

5 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. I went to see J&J this weekend and had the EXACT same thoughts as you. this afternoon I began musing about whether Julie ever had problems of the same kind. Since Nora Ephron seemed to do such a thorough job of mirroring their lives… interesting to ponder.


  2. I can totally relate to “counting down” the “lazy days.” I'm relishing each and every one, because I know they are numbered. Soon, lazy evenings on the couch will be replaced with bath time. ::)



  3. Sounds like a good day! I know what you mean about the nursery ambivalence! We never did get around to setting ours up before Charlie, but I was right on the verge of taking that step when we got the call.

    Here's hoping yours comes soon!!




  4. “And am I really ready to give up my laziness for a baby?”

    You know, I've asked myself that question recently too. I'm famously lazy.

    But the answer is still a loud and resounding YES. 🙂



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