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Nothing to Say, Really…

I don’t have any news. I don’t have any energy šŸ™‚

I haven’t posted since Wednesday. We’ve had trouble with our computer…I’ve been busy prepping for the start of school Thursday…we’ve been praying the lawyer calls on Friday so I can go on maternity leave on Friday LOL!

We started new services at church this morning, and I’m honored to be the lighting designer. I’ve spend the last two weeks hanging lights, focusing lights, helping design the room and set up the room. So this morning was incredibly awesome. It was truly a great experience.

But now I’m just…tired. It’s sort of like I’ve had all this tension in me for two weeks (on top of the normal adoption tension) and now that it’s gone, my body is sort of over-reacting. So it’s only 7:45 where I live and I’m ready for bed! Besides, I start school tomorrow with two days of teacher prep. So I need to get used to getting up at like 5am again.

Well…I hope all of my internet friends are doing well…I think I’m off to bed! Good night!

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