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My Newest Addiction…


I mean, it started innocently enough. I woke up Saturday morning with a desire to decorate the nursery. Shocking, no? I’ve had zero desire so far, but suddenly we’re getting baby clothes and I have no where to put them. So I pestered Keith into going to the baby stores.

Side note: while at one of the larger baby stores, we ran into a couple from our first adoption ed class. They weren’t matched the last weekend in May (when we had class) and had with them their four week old daughter. Amazing!!

Anyway…we started searching for furniture. As I’ve said before, a great friend gave us a crib & mattress. So I was looking for a dresser/changing station. And as many of you know, that stuff is SPENDY!!!! So I had my little breakdown and we left.

We went to TWO baby stores and TWO furniture stores. Recounting the story to my step-mom the next day, she suggested antique shops or flea markets. But I hate to shop, right, so last night I logged onto Craigslist.


I inquired about a changing table and am waiting to hear back. I inquired about an adorable six drawer dresser that looks about the perfect height for a changing station and I’m going to look at it tomorrow.

Both of these for roughly 1/10 of the price of the stores. I originally thought that because we’d waited SO LONG for our baby I wanted brand new everything.

My cheap genes are interfering with that plan. But I think it’s a good sign for me that I’m interested in decorating the nursery!!! I’m even thinking about refinishing furniure and sewing things. Gasp!

I think part of it is I’ve been reading older posts from some of my newest favorite sites, like Rebekah at Heart Cries. Reading her story inspired me to go ahead and believe and get excited. Same goes for Melba – reading some of her older posts made me feel, well, just better, I guess. So I’m going to start decorating. Slowly, but definitely.

And I brought home “my” rocking chair from my Dad’s house…I’ve sat in it twice and just imagined holding my baby.

I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “My Newest Addiction…

  1. me too! i thought I'd at least want to splurge on a really awesome comfortable and Modern-styled rocking chair. But I have “cheap genes” too and they are really balking at those prices. Especially for “modern” furniture. gah! I just bought (and refinished) a $10 thrift store dresser to use as a changing table this past weekend. And I'm scouring Craigslist for a rocker now. Good hunting to you!


  2. I LOVE craigslist! I stocked up on onesies from there, found our babysitter and donated a bunch of stuff to a single mom in need! OH, and got our toy organizer for 1/3 the cost of Target!!! Gotta love it!

    Congrats on your good deals!


  3. So exciting, and I too love Craigslist…it is so great for baby items. There is SO MUCH out there, and it's almost always in good condition. 🙂

    Good job,



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