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Officially Approved…Officially Freaking Out!

So our homestudy/parent prep process is FINISHED! Yes! And we have been officially approved as adoptive parents. We are so thrilled…and so freaking out at the same time.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I realized I know exactly one lullaby: Rock-a-bye Baby. That’s it. What will I sing to my child? Black Crowes? Blue Oyster Cult? Jesus Loves Me? And seriously, that probably shouldn’t really be a concern, but it’s what kept me up last night.

I’m also freaking out because school starts in less than two weeks. While I’m excited to see some of my middle school kiddos, I’m fairly apathetic, because I’d rather be home preparing for baby. My best friend says I’m nesting, but isn’t it too early for that? I mean, we haven’t even been matched or anything…

I’m also wondering how to tell my middle school kiddos. We had a teacher go on maternity leave over spring break last year, but it was obvious she was having a baby. For me, not so obvious (as many of you understand). Any teachers out there have a creative idea for telling my middle schoolers?

Also, I couldn’t sleep the night before last because I realized that I think I know nothing about newborns. Nothing. Maybe every mother-to-be freaks out about this, but I’ve never been afraid of much in my life, and suddenly I’m petrified to be a mommy. I have the book “What to Expect the First Year,” but I feel like it’s not enough. Anyone out there have a favorite book about babies to recommend? I like to research :), and while I realize research isn’t the same as experience, it’d be good for me to do some reading…

And while I’m asking…anyone know of a good adoption positive pediatrician on the Southside of Indianapolis? Also something else freaking me out…choosing a doctor for my baby.

Thank God it’s the weekend – maybe some time with the hubby will make me more positive 🙂

One thought on “Officially Approved…Officially Freaking Out!

  1. I like “Your Baby's First Year Week by Week” much better than what to expect, although both are good resources. You can also sign up (when the time comes) for the Baby Center weekly updates that give you a quick email synopsis of the rough things your baby is/should be doing at each age.

    Newborns are scary, there is nothing to help that. I even knew A LOT about babies, and have been around them A LOT…but it was still different and overwhelming with my own.

    BUT…mother's intuition is huge too. It will not take you too long before you know your baby very well, and can distinguish between different cries and what he/she needs when. It's just one of those jobs that you mostly learn ON THE JOB!

    You might try looking for a class in your area though…there are even some in our area that specifically deal with adopted newborns. DO read books and get informed, but DON'T take any one thing too seriously! That's just my opinion, because I've found some blatantly wrong information in BOTH of the books I use regularly. Just because it's printed doesn't mean it's true.

    This is getting long, but I also just want to say that so much of good baby care is common sense, and I think a lot of people forget that. In the end, newborn babies are just tiny people, and they have needs as such. Yes, they are helpless, and completely dependent on you…but if you know how to care for yourself, then you can certainly figure out what to do with a newborn.

    When the time does come, you'll get more advice than you even remotely want anyway, but just remember…I'm always a quick email away if you need any help!!



    P.S. I think you could be nesting! For me, it went in several stages, some nesting then dry spells, then more nesting. Esp. because we didn't know how long we would be “pregnant.” Oh, and one more thing…you could tell your kids by reading them a short story (or something) and then talking about your own personal experiences a little. I'm not sure what you teach and how that would fit, but stories are always a good way to get them interested!

    {officially shutting up now!!}


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