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Crazy Busy & Crazy Emotions!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday.

Saturday we had our home visit. I am so shocked by how easy it was. Our SW came, sat in the (newly painted and rearranged) dining room, ate blueberry muffins with us and asked us like, maybe, 2 dozen questions. Then she quickly peeked into each of our 4 other rooms (small house) and declared us good. She is writing her report this week, but has already said we are approved. Then we spent the afternoon/evening just sort of chilling out. We thought about going out and buying baby stuff to celebrate, but ended up going to a friend’s birthday party and hanging out instead. Still a great choice!

Sunday our Moms came over to celebrate with us. My mother-in-law made us the cutest bibs: she crocheted one ducky bib and one elephant bib, complete with a velcro tab on the end of the trunk to hold a pacifier!! She also crocheted a car seat cover/blanket. She had also picked up some adorable outfits at a garage sale, but I think she thinks we’re having a girl (he he he).

So now it’s Tuesday. Yesterday I had one meeting at school and two for church. Then today I was at church all day hanging lights in our new room. My arms ache from having them above my head almost all day!

But besides my schedule, here’s what’s really on my mind: my emotions. Yesterday we received a UPS box from my brother and my sister-in-law. In it was a beautiful note from my SIL about how excited they are that we are having a baby, and even though we haven’t been matched or anything, she’s too excited to wait to give us our first gift. I moved aside the tissue paper and pulled from the box: 4 receiving blankets in a khaki colored animal pattern (that matches what we’ve picked out for the nursery), a ducky blanket (Keith loves ducks!), two adorable long-sleeve outfits, 2 sleeper sacks, and a hooded towel. I promptly burst into tears, only to look up and see my hubby crying, too!

Then I received a message this morning from a good friend who went shopping over the weekend and can’t wait to give me the stuff she bought.

So when you tell people you’re having a baby, apparently you get gifts???

And here’s why I feel guilty: for the past two years, I have avoided baby showers like the plague. I would send money or a gift. I would rejoice over the birth, and I would even take a meal to the new mommy. But other than my brother and his wife, I haven’t had much joy over the announcements of my friends & co-workers impending parenthood. But they’re thrilled for me. So I feel a little guilty.

I mean, this little person will be the answer to over six years of prayer, so I know how excited we are. What I didn’t understand was how excited other people would be. I’m not very good at accepting help and gifts. But I guess I should work on that, huh?

4 thoughts on “Crazy Busy & Crazy Emotions!

  1. Girl, revel in it! You deserve every ounce of showering and pampering you get. In my experience, people were more hesitant until there was an actual baby…even to the point that I got my feelings hurt a time or two. But once he was here, I was totally humbled by the outpouring of love and gifts we received too. It's exactly as you said, you know how much YOU want this, and how excited you are…but you didn't realize other people would feel the same way.

    I almost cried when I read your line about your husband crying too. They so rarely show their emotions where all this is concerned, it's so sweet when moments like that happen!

    Finally, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on finally being paper ready…that is truly momentous, and a great feeling to be sure!!



  2. Congrats on completing the home study – what a huge step closer!! 🙂

    And how sweet of them to send that gift. Isn't it neat to see your friends & family so excited for you?!


  3. I got teary-eyed, too! I'm really happy for you. That's great that you are PAPER PREGNANT!!!

    It has been hard for me to deal with baby showers/announcements over the last 3 years. I tried to avoid baby showers when possible. I think sometimes you have to avoid stuff like that out of self-preservation. Don't feel bad. (Well, I felt bad, too, so I understand, but try not to feel bad!) Everyone is really happy for you.

    All of the gifts sound so nice!



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