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Umm…We’re Paper Pregnant?

So since I last posted, MANY things have taken place.

First, my most sincere thanks to Melba and her kind words about/to me on her blog. I so appreciate her kindness, and the resulting kind words of the many of you that have replied to my previous posts. God bless all of you! You have made this week even better!

So we met with our social worker on Thursday for our second of three interviews. She is coming to our house, actually, in about 12 hours and 13 minutes for the home study portion. But this is the big news from Thursday: she asked about our profiles, because the lawyer only has three families in line and more birthmothers than they can help right now. We might be matched soon. Very soon. Like have a baby – in our arms – before Christmas.

You’ll pardon me while I scream from an amusing mixture of joy, fear, amazement, overwhelmedness (is that word?), and stunned disbelief.

See, we are open to whatever baby comes our way – we don’t have a lot of qualifcations, if you will, for our little one. We ruled out some health things, but mostly only those that are controllable (drug addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.). We also are open to any race or mixture thereof. Apparently, this puts us on the short list.

Social Worker was thrilled that we had our profile done. In fact, we were headed to Kinko’s after meeting with her to print them off for the lawyer. She said that she has already told the lawyer we are approved (yeah!!!) and that there shouldn’t be that long of wait. Then she answered my hundred questions about what will happen when we are matched, when the baby is born, we the adoption is finalized, etc., etc.

Keith and I are thrilled. We looked at each other numerous times yesterday and said things like, “You’re going to be a daddy!” and “I’m going to be a mommy!” We are very very VERY excited. Apparently, everyone should adopt in Indiana ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, we got our entire house repainted (inside, anyway), furniture rearranged, what will be the baby’s room mostly cleaned out and hung curtains and pictures. It feels like we moved!

So I’m off the finish cleaning. I know SW won’t notice the odd thing out of place here or there, but I will ๐Ÿ™‚

And sincerely, thanks again to Melba and the wonderful women who contaced me this week. You’ll never know what your words have meant.


6 thoughts on “Umm…We’re Paper Pregnant?

  1. WOW, this is great news, and I am beaming after reading your post!! I can't wait to hear more, and especially for that AMAZING post when you finally meet your match! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are more than welcome for the post I wrote about your blog…no thanks are necessary! We've all been where you are, and there is no sense in going through it alone when you don't have to!




  2. Congrats!! I found your blog through Melba's, but the funny thing is that we are also from Indiana as well!!!!

    Awesome feeling on getting your profile done, that is such a hugh project to get done!! I have to read up more on your story but I have a son who doesn't like to be put down so it makes it hard some days…like today. So I am excited to read more about you guys!!!


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