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Vacation Week

Thanks to the lovely women who have responded to my postings. It it so comforting to know that A) I’m not alone and B) There is hope!! So thank you!

Keith (my husband, who said I could go ahead and use his name!) is on vacation from work this week. Our home visit is Saturday, and we’re using it as motivation/an excuse to get our house finished. We’re repainting three rooms (1 3/4 done, 1 1/4 to go!) and rearranging furniture and just adding some “finishing touches.” But we took today off to go to the Indianapolis Zoo and have dinner with some good friends (who GAVE us a crib!!!!!!!!!!! – which will promptly go into storage, because I’m not sure I’m ready to set it up yet. But we are so grateful for their generosity!!).

Tomorrow we hope to finish the painting and then go to the county fair. Thursday we meet our social worker at her ofice. Friday we’ll just finish around the house. Saturday AM is THE VISIT and then we hope to CELEBRATE!!!

So, anyway…not much to post right now. We’re both enjoying Keith’s vacation, we’re tired & sore from moving furniture, painting and remodeling, and we’re nervouse/excited about our meetings with our social worker.

I’ll keep you posted!!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Week

  1. Best of luck to you on getting the house done, and the home visit. I know it's a stressful experience, but everything will be fine!

    We also did house projects, and used the home visit as a really good reason to get some needed repairs, etc. done. It was nice, but they didn't even end up looking at half the stuff we had done. 🙂



  2. Hello! Here from Melba's (who I LOVE). Just wanted to send my good luck to you for this weekend. You probably won't even need it, but since it is a stressful milestone I wanted you to know that there are tons of us out here that have been there… and survived!


  3. Hey there! I also found your blog through Melba's! I pray your homestudy goes well and your wait to be matched is short!!! It's no longer an “if” now, but a “when”!!!! God is so faithful!


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